New Scammers of 2020: Macropay and HowtoPay

New Scammers of 2020: Macropay and HowtoPay

Our investigator’s team on WiBestBroker has recently discovered a new scamming activity that we want to tell you about, so listen carefully. Allegedly, the CEO and Owner of HowToPay LTD, Cameron McKean, was the main instigator in recent illegal activity. According to the information that we’ve received, he was a part of the scam, performed by him and another company called MacroPay.

SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam

If you’ve never heard of HowToPay, it is a company that provides payment and billing solutions to international business merchants. The financial provider company has been in the business for quite some time now. We’ve found out that the company started working in June 2002.

However, some dreadful allegations have surfaced. It was recently discovered that one of HowToPay’s clients lost 100 000 USD to the company. This tremendous amount of money is still not found; it just disappeared. This occurred while Mr. McKean served as the company’s CEO. Unfortunately, afterward, the account was closed.

After the Allegations, HowToPay Denied Any Connections to the Incident

Unfortunately, amidst the allegations, we were able to stumble upon other clues. HowToPays created some inbuilt connections: suspicious activities with MacroPay.

HowToPay Organization Details
Organizational details of HowToPay Pty LTD [Source: LinkedIn/]
SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam
Contact info of HowToPay with Freedom Bank email address [Source:]
Both companies present themselves as separate entities, but they are not. Furthermore, both companies have mutual contracts. Mr. McKean’s company is Macropay’s service provider, and HowToPay is the executive arm of MacroPay, which mainly works and deals with international funds and accounts.

Additional Details on the Scam Accusations’ Investigation

We’ve probed even further, and we’ve found more information on the upper management and CEOs of the alleged company. We’ve researched through all the possible social media platforms and found accounts of the mentioned people and companies. The first one that appeared during our search was Cameron McKean’s profile on LinkedIn.

SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam Partners SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam PartnersLinkedIn profile and info of Cameron McKean [Source: LinkedIn/]

Cameron’s LinkedIn profile has all the information about his professional career. We’ve discovered he is the Founder of HowToPay and has been working in the company for 17 years since the mid of 2002.

However, he is also the founder of the FreedomBank. We were not able to find the mentioned bank anywhere on LinkedIn, and Cameron has not mentioned it on his LinkedIn profile either.

Also, there is a tiny error that does not make sense. It is a mistake in the HowToPay foundation dates; if the company’s team is professional, why would they mix up the years? This may not be a big deal; however, it does not look right.

Short Analysis of Social Media Accounts and Other Clues 

We’ve conducted an additional investigation through the social media profiles of both companies. And we’ve found some information that might interest you and prove our point about all the shady allegations.

In addition to our investigation, we were able to find Adam J Clarke’s LinkedIn profile. So, we probed even further. He is supposed to be a part of FreeBank’s team as a new client and merchant manager. In addition to all of this information, we were able to discover that Adam J Clarke’s LinkedIn profile stated that he is the CEO and also Founder of MacroPay.

SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam Partners
LinkedIn profile of Adam J Clarke [Source: LinkedIn/]
It is tough to reach any type of official documentation of any relevant regulatory approval on MacroPay and HowToPay. Thus, if a company is as honest and loyal to its clients, as it says, why wouldn’t it post anything on its social media? Why are they not as transparent as an honest company should be? This all seems to be very suspicious and doubtful.

SCAM ALERT: Macropay and HowToPay Scam Partners
MacroPay LinkedIn page with no updates [Source:]
Macropay and HowToPay
MacroPay Twitter account [Source:]
Usually, social media accounts need to be active, as the Google algorithm is tricky “reads” only those websites which interact with their followers and are posting daily. Unfortunately, MacroPay’s LinkedIn account seems to be quite as dormant as its Twitter counterpart. This phenomenon is strange as companies should be active everywhere in the digital space. Macropay’s Twitter account usually re-tweets links to music videos on YouTube. That’s all that it does, nothing else. There is no news on the company itself. In addition to this, MacroPay’s Linkedin account has no posts at all.

It turns out that these two companies are true partners in crime.

Conclusion: Be Careful 

Criminals are adapting to modern technologies and times. Their creative activities scam a lot of trusty people. Unfortunately, our recent times offer marvelous digital innovations, which is a goldmine for criminals. They misuse the existing technologies to sabotage their potential victims.

Finally, always do your research! Don’t rely on information suspicious companies give you through emails or over the phone – find this information separately. It is very important, that before buying anything, to read google reviews, search for legal documentations, look through articles, and analyze the material you’ve found. Be a smart buyer!

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