NorthState Review

NorthState Review
General Information
Broker Name:NorthState
Broker Type:Forex, commodities, shares, indices, and cryptos.
Country:The Commonwealth of Dominica
Operating since year:2011
Address:2nd FLR, Eversleigh House, Cnr Hanover street & Hodges , Roseau , Commonwealth of Dominica
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone:+41 445 087 408
Trading platforms:-
Demo account:-
Mobile trading:-
Web-based trading:-
Bonuses:35% credit for re-deposit, 10% promotion if you bring in friends
Other trading instruments:-
Minimum deposit ($):250
Maximal leverage:1:600
Scalping allowed:-

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A general overview

NorthState is a brokerage offering services for a wide range of assets. This is not necessarily a good sign, though. A broker should focus on a small range of assets if they want to do well. Offering services in everything is just a way to try to attract everyone to your platform. Quality beats quantity every single time.

Their services seem very vague, other than this though.

NorthState centers

They seem to make a lot of promises and make themselves seem very important. However, there is very little real information about them. They claim they have a great presence worldwide. However, their website seems to be the only real place one can find out about them. There are no reviews about them online, or comments from individuals about them around the web.

They also claim to have been around since 2011. However, if they have been around for this long, why is there no information about them? It seems quite unlikely that the company could have been around this long without making some impression.

There’s also the problem of their location. Their website is registered in The Commonwealth of Dominica. However, their location point for contact is quite different.

Address in Switzerland

They claim that their location is in Switzerland, here, a country famous for its financial services. As Switzerland is famous for its excellent service in financial matters, it is easy to see why this brand would say that this is where they are. Actually, they appear to refer to Switzerland, quite likely a typo. This is not the sort of mistake any financial services company should make. The conflict of information is quite worrying. It points to the idea that this brand is a scam.

Regulations and Licensing

They also offer no regulator to look at. Without regulation, the company has no claim to legitimacy. One cannot say if their service is of any quality, or if there is any service at all!

NorthState Review: Account Types

NorthState Accounts
Thankfully, they do appear to have some information for their accounts. Their offerings do not seem poor if a little generic. They make vague allusions to the availability of advisors. However, they do not point to any specific names. This makes their service seem quite sketchy. Surely they should inform people of who these experts are? There should be a way to check their credentials, without there being a regulator. This further points to the possibility of NorthsState being a scam.

Trading Services

There is almost no information when it comes to their trading services. You cannot find out what platforms they use when they are available, and so on. One thing they do offer is some promotions. However, at this point, it’s hard to know how trustworthy these are.

Customer Service

There is some information available for customer service. However, as we mentioned before, there is not enough. You cannot find any specific individuals to talk to. What’s more the email they do give has a rather generic name.

NorthState Review: Conclusion

Overall then, there is actually very little to say about this brand. There is so little information available, one can only think NorthState is a scam. They seem to offer a wide range of services to people, but are completely anonymous and lack regulation. This means it would be hard to hold them to account for any shady dealings of theirs. They can easily lure in people with vague but nice-sounding promises. Then, when the customers are already logged into their platform and deposited their money, the platform could easily exploit them. We do not recommend anyone trades with this broker.

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