Parliament Suspended Weeks Before Brexit

ibest – Parliament: Boris Johnson speaking in front of a podium.

ibest – Parliament: Boris Johnson speaking in front of a podium.

Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, suspends the UK parliament weeks ahead of the much-anticipated Brexit. Johnson requested the suspension to the queen on Wednesday.

But before the PM’s request, the UK parliament had five weeks in session to discuss and debate on a Brexit deal. The suspension also comes days after British policymaker return from their break.

The new PM successfully secured the prorogation of the parliament after Queen Elizabeth II approved the request.

Johnson’s decision shocked many lawmakers. The prorogation made headlines in local and international media outlets and has gathered mixed feedbacks from critics.

Jeremy Corbin, leader of the Labour Party and the Opposition party, was one of the first ones to react to Johnson’s decision. In an interview, Corbyn said that the suspension of the UK parliament is not acceptable.

According to Corbyn, once the UK MPs return on Tuesday, the first thing on their agenda is trying to prevent the PM’s move. The Labour Party leader added that Johnson is grabbing hold of the people’s democracy to push a no-deal scenario.

Prorogation is the suspension of the parliament once the incumbent prime minister advices the queen.

Boris Johnson’s decision caused major controversies and the fall of the British pound sterling. Critics are now wondering if the move will help push a no-deal Brexit that could be detrimental to the economy.

Anti-Brexit Protests

Wibest – Parliament: The UK Parliament and the Big Ben in London.

A crowd of protestors have gathered yesterday evening in Westminster, England.  The group held placards with anti-Brexit messages and EU flags.

According to reports, the protesters chanted “stop the coup” on College Green. A reporter described the scene to be “peaceful” and “good-natured.”

The conflict-free rally was organized just hours beforehand, and it started outside the parliament to later go towards Downing Street.

The protesters broke through media barriers and some even blocked the traffic by seating down on the road.

Some protesters were interviewed by local media. Some said that this is just the first of the disruption. According to the group, there will be more demonstrations at the weekend.

Preventing the Prorogation

Several UK politicians have expressed their objection to Johnson’s decision and other lawmakers are taking steps to prevent the suspension.

Former Prime Minister John Major is included in the list of those who are stopping the prorogation. Major said that the suspension is “utterly and totally unacceptable.”

The former PM spoke in a local radio program last month. He discussed the possibility of a prorogation. Major’s interview took place in early July. According to him, would immediately refuse the PM’s request.

But it is as if the tables have turned. Just this week, the queen has approved Johnson’s request.

A number of MPs approached Scotland’s highest civil court to block Boris Johnson’s advice. The 75 lawmakers initially launched their legal actions to Scottish Court of Session in Edinburgh last month.

According to reports, the policymakers are looking into an interim interdict that would block the parliament’s suspension. The case will officially have a full hearing in the first week of September.

An interim interdict is Scotland’s version of an injunction in Welsh and English laws.

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