Professional Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Launches Own Digital Coins

Professional Boxing: Manny Pacquiao during his fight.

On Sunday, the world’s first celebrity digital coin in Manila was introduced by the professional boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao. You may not know that he is into investing, other than being one of the greatest boxing players of all times.

Last year, assumptions generated impacts in the cryptocurrency field that he will be the owner of the newly launched digital coin.

The 2000s “Fighter of the decade,” which is now a current Senator of the Philippines. Also, a professional basketball player, host, and a singer, has introduced his token.

According to reports, the label of the digital coin will be Pac. Together with substantial financial support from other professional sports players.

Pacquiao leads the group with his first celebrity digital coin at a concert filled with 2000 fans. The boxing legend brought out the unveiling.

The boxing legend aims to profit by his Pac tokens. This is by encouraging his followers to buy merchandise and use it for communicating with him on social media.

Goals of the Pac Digital Coin 

Manny Pacquiao’s Pac Crypto, which receives investor support from former English football star Michael Owen and an Emirati member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family, Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan, bags listing on Singapore’s Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX).

Jeffrey Lin, CEO, and founder of GCOX, states that being the world’s first celebrity-owned token sets forth high prospects for the cryptocurrency community.

The goal is not to only profit high. Moreover, it also aims to raise awareness for the tokens and shape a sustainable ecosystem.

Additionally, GCOX intends to gain support from other famous celebrities. This is to advance public understanding of cryptocurrencies and address reports surrounding them.

Chief communications officer at GCOX, Evan Ngow, confirms that Manny Pacquiao and Jason Derulo, an American artist, are collaborating with the platform. Plus, these mark only a few names off the long list of possible celebrity partners from future.

Meanwhile, one of the concert attendees indicated his confidence. It is by stating that boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is a global celebrity and an idol.

Thus, his initiatives will most likely to produce awareness and prompt curiosity surrounding the token.

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