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Broker NameProfitiX
Broker TypeMarket Maker
CountrySt. Vincent & the Grenadines
Operating Since2019
AddressCentre For Enterprise Development First Floor, Moussa Building Grenville Street P.O. Box 2343 Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Broker StatusIndependent
CS Phone+18002288480
Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 5, MT5 for Android, MT5 for iOS, MT5 WebTrader
Trading Platform TimezoneUTC+2
Demo AccountNo
Mobile TradingYes
Web based tradingYes
Other Trading InstrumentCurrency Trading, Commodities Trading, Shares Trading, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices
Minimum Deposit$250
Maximal Leverage1:1 up to 400:1
Spread VariableVariable or floating for mini, advanced, excutive, Fix for Prime and VIP
Scalping AllowedNo
ProfitiX Company Review
At ProfitiX, streamlined online investing is offered for traders to operate and take control of their finances in a smooth-running way with an innovative digital experience in the marketplace.

As one of the outstanding brokers, ProfitiX’ extensive and unmatched experience of products and services makes it a preferred financing provider.
ProfitiX provides a full-service choice of highly effective instruments such as currencies, oil, and precious metals, and many other tradable assets.

Trading Accounts

Enjoy a variety of benefits when you open an account with ProfitiX and access your equity awards as a ProfitiX client.

ProfitiX offers a range of accounts that you can take advantage of. ProfitiX is focused on innovating to meet the needs of customers. ProfitiX also anticipates change and responds quickly. Account types are made for individual specifications on financial instruments.

Mini Account

With 250 USD, you can start trading with 0.01 order size and a leverage of up to 1:400

Advanced Account

A maximum order size of 10.00 with a leverage of 1:400 then begin trading more instruments with 25,000 USD

Executive Account

Start with 50,000 USD and you can acquire earnings more strategically and a trading portfolio and other market analysis will be provided

Prime Account

To experience hedging and to have a trading portfolio, begin with 100,000 USD

VIP Account

By opening a VIP account, experience hedging and trade assets with low market price difference that has a negative-balance protection.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

An initial deposit of 250 USD is required with new traders in opening an account in ProfitiX. However, a 100 USD deposit is needed with traders who have an existing account for their maintaining balance.

Market Price Difference & Commissions

ProfitiX is dedicated with helping active traders around the world to get an edge in today's fast-moving markets. That’s why it is a 24-hour trading. It is also competent with its low-price differences on currency pairs with zero commissions on hundreds of shares.
Trading gives you a quick completion time, which is an advantage against its competitor to prevent wasting time and losing money lagged trades.
Other assets such as oil, gas, metals, and more are traded with zero commissions also.

Maximum Leverage

A leverage as high as 1:400 can be used by ProfitiX consumers

Trading Platforms

ProfitiX uses an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders known as the Metatrader5 Multi Asset Platform. MT5 is accessible in PC, Web and Mobile.

A new version of the platform was offered on the web as an addition to the desktop and mobile versions so that clients may access it from any device anytime and anywhere.

The Metatrader5 is used in financial trading to advance its functions and serve as a first-rate tool that attracts users engaged further in the currency pairs market.

The Metatrader5 multi-asset platform supports the hedging method. The mostly used multiple position of the same financial instrument of opposite or same direction is allowed in the currency pairs trading.

The Metatrader5 that has a multi-asset research and trading software platform can be used on a separate or connected compatible online broker.
The epicenter for algorithmic trading development emerged and that is Metatrader5, which has literally millions of users worldwide.

The features and functions of the Metatrader5 that are considered as the most important ones are Programming Language, Market Statistics, Mobile Trading, Strategy Testing and Optimization, and Market Depth. There are many other features to use from it if you explore the website closely.
MT5’s Important Features and Functions

Programming Language

The MQL5’s programming language focuses on trading specialization that makes it different from others. Functions like technical analysis and trade management are built-in in the MQL5. Application of creating automated market analysis and financial trading are allowed in the platform.
A trading robot or an expert advisor automatically analyzes quotes, currency pairs, and instruments
A Custom Indicator examines the currency and stocks.

A script is used in closing open orders quickly. Single-time execution uses a script on simple trading actions.
The library stores and distributes codes and units for the development of trading application.

The MetaQuotes Language 5 permitted the use of “Black box” programming. It means, programs were made easier on the platform. Creators of trading robots and clients use the new and improved context that was recently introduced.

Time series was added to the several functions of the Metatrader5. Meanwhile, transferring of codes from the MT4 going to MT5 is easier due to this new utilization. MT5’s optimization on the extra source code that was done during the compilation achieved the operation’s goal in making it faster.
The Metatrader5 platform made numerous other features from its original programming that made it innovative and leading.

Market Statistics

The MetaQuotes allowed the obtaining of various market statistics with different financial instruments, trading in exchange of enforcement mode. Just press “Market Watch” and then “Statistics” in the menu to view relevant information such as the percentage of price change, total volume, number of buy and sell orders, buy and sell volume, and average-weighed price.

Mobile Trading

The mobile version of the Metatrader 5 provides everything that is required in the trading operations performance. Sending of trade orders are supported by its One-Click Trading option. The Market Depth window shows the price chart directly for orders.

The professional technical analysis of currency and exchange quotes are enabled for the usage of 30 built-in indicators and 24 analytical objects.
The latest creation of MT5 is for the iOS devices. MetaQuotes has announced it for the market statistics by providing various financial instruments on trading in exchange execution mode.

The Metatrader 5 is also available as a mobile app for the Android users. Trading accounts are now accessible and can be checked anytime, anywhere.

Strategy Testing and Optimization

Part of the Metatrader 5 is a built-in Strategy Tester. This allows the users to be efficiently evaluated by a trading robot before being used in a real account. According to its algorithm, historical data over a selected period and virtual operations are analyzed by a trading robot.

During live trading, possible behaviors are simulated, and results are tested to allow trading strategy evaluations to be efficient. The main advantage of the Strategy Tester is the possibility of a robot on evaluating the performance prior to trading on a real account.

The Strategy Tester of MetaTrader5 offers diverse testing modes to achieve the optimal speed or quality ratio. Examination and identifying of correlation between multiple currencies are allowed by testing the multi-currency trading robot’s capability.

Testing process are visualized in real time. Trading sessions that were performed and tested by the Expert Advisor are shown in a chart. The Expert Advisor does appropriate changes after a week of detection on the points of a comprehensive testing report created after the test run.

The importance of optimizations is utilized by the strategy tester. Different input parameters and selecting of optimal values are tested by an allowed trading robot.

The wide-ranging process of optimization of complex robot can be significantly shortened using genetic algorithms. The new built-in features comes with a custom visualization method, optimization results can be seen through 2D or 3D modes.

Market Depth

The Metatrader5 system gives a maximum advantage experience in any market situation.
A Tick Chart and Time & Sales information are included in the advanced feature of the Market Depth of the Metatrader5. Trades on the accounting and orders are separated. A two-order accounting mode is running the platform. They are the hedging method that can be used in currency pairs and the netting, which mode adopted from the exchange markets.

With the One-Click Trading function and Market option, clients can buy and sell currency pairs, equities, and futures.
The Stop Loss and Take Profit were designed to support in securing profits and minimizing losses.

An active chart is provided to look at the market depth information, analyzing depth, quotations, and the volume of securities offered in a price allowed to investors by using the MT5 platform. The view of quotations are innovated and displayed for the pending orders from the liquidity provider.

Methods of Payment

Transactions are simple and straightforward with ProfitiX. Withdrawals do not require charges. Also, various offers are given when you deposit.
Payment in ProfitiX varies on different methods such as: visa credit cards, master cards, Western Union, and MoneyGram, as well as cash payment and e-payments or e-wallets like Diners club, Neteller, and Skrill.

Clients choose methods on how to deposit depending on the currencies they have. USD, GBP, and EUR are the only focus of ProfitiX on currencies.


A way of increasing a country’s economy these days is by trading. The exchange of goods and services is a one solution between countries in which prices, supply, and demand are affected by global events

The website’s main objective is for traders to transact in a simple and assured way also to reduce the efforts, and avoid rushes on their schedule.
The website’s main feature reduces the manual work in an efficient way that makes it competent to others. It is also accessible for traders who are flexible wherever and whenever they want to connect to it.

A quick time of completion makes it convenient and reliable. Online trading makes it easy to apply on its record, further enhancements can be utilized to the website if it only requires to.

Problems are only encountered when the traders rely on the suggestions of their brokers that were given to them. Also, regarding the online trading traders that are not familiar with it and don’t have full knowledge about it find it confusing and see it as a risky move because with just one wrong entry made by them, a huge loss can be suffered.

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