Rakuten Digital Coins Exchange Enables Trading with Android

Android: New cryptocurrency Rakuten coin glow neon symbol of digital money.

Android: New cryptocurrency Rakuten coin glow neon symbol of digital money.

Recently, Tokyo-based e-commerce giant Rakuten released its digital coins exchange for spot trading.

On Monday, according to a press release published by Rakuten Wallet, it will now permit customers to trade in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin (BTC) versus the yen.

An android mobile application will let trading operations.

Meanwhile, the iOS version of the trading app will be released in early September.

The company also exposed its plans on dispersing customer deposited funds (assets) from its own.

They will be managing them under Rakuten Trust (its own trust company) and over a Rakuten Bank savings account.

Japan’s equivalent of Amazon, Rakuten worried that cryptocurrencies deposited by consumers are going to stay away from the internet in “a cold wallet” to decrease hacking risk.

For additional security, private keys will succeed via a multi-signature scheme.

Moreover, a 2-step authentication will also be available when logging in or withdrawing money or assets.

Rakuten Wallet to Charge Equal Rates on Cryptos

The firm indicated that customers would not receive accusations of making deposits or trades.

Trading will be implemented 24 hours a day, every day of the year, unless when maintenance is ongoing.

However, for fiat withdrawals Rakuten Wallet is going to impose 300 Japanese yen, which is around $2.80.

Similarly, customers will be required at the equal rates of Ethereum at 0.01 ($2), Bitcoin Cash at 0.01 BCH ($3), and Bitcoin at 0.001 BTC ($10.70) when performing digital coins withdrawal.

This inadequate transaction fees when trading cryptocurrencies would appeal to frequent traders.

In March, Rakuten’s cryptocurrency exchange came into the open. All when the company declared that it has a license for the newly acquired entity.

The entity is Everybody’s Bitcoin, which was bought in August for a sum of $2.4 million.

Elsewhere, in May this year, the company crossed the threshold into a partnership with CipherTrace. It is a blockchain analytics firm for anti-money laundering protections.

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