Tue, January 31, 2023

Residents of India Fume as Prices of Food Commodities Rise

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On Thursday, the district administration of India provided a channel for the delivery of commodities to all households. Still, residents complained of low availability of food items and a steep rise in the prices of products.

The affected population resides in the surrounding area of Chhoti Nadi and Bari Nadi. Many families in these areas are daily wagers and migrant laborers. 

The administrative officials said various NGOs were contacting them, and the issues will be resolved soon. Iran Wants to Stop Importing Rice from India and Pakistan

The list of vegetable and grocery vendors issued by the district administration featured only one contact number for each retail shop. The residents complained that it is difficult to contact the vendors. Apart from this, the district administration provided the passes in some wards to only a few sellers. Thus, it makes it difficult for residents to contact the store owners. One of the residents said the suppliers should gradually increase. Residents are also complaining about the steep rise in food prices. They state that a particular vendor in the area who is politically associated is providing the commodities at steep prices. The situation is becoming a significant issue for all residents. Wheat flour sells at Rs 300 per 10 kg and onion at Rs 50 per kg.

Citizens are also complaining about the lack of supplies of groceries. Despite their try to contact the suppliers, all contact numbers remain either busy or unavailable. 

Sooraj Singh, a resident of Gopal Colony, stated that a few retailers were providing the food commodities at steep prices earlier. So they counseled them to lower the rates. They started ensuring that people help those who do not have food to eat. 


India to receive limited supplies of food

As officials of the district administration said, they are monitoring the situation in the slum areas. The police and administration officials have started supplying the commodities in slum colonies and to the needy. Some NGOs have also contacted us to permit them to provide groceries, they said.

The Deputy Commissioner’s office in the evening made a statement that it would limit the supplies for a family. Limiting the quantity of ration per person serves the purpose of ensuring that the supply reaches all citizens. The Deputy Commissioner’s office instructed the grocery sellers to provide a maximum of 10 kg wheat for a family of 5 people, with 2 kg pulses, 200 grams of spices, and other products, respectively.




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