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Riot Platforms and Bitfarms Clash Amid $950M Acquisition

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Quick Look:

  • Bitfarms adopted a poison pill strategy to defend against Riot Platforms’ hostile takeover attempts.
  • Riot proposed an unsolicited $950 million offer to acquire Bitfarms, which was rejected.
  • Riot’s share price dropped by 35%, while Bitfarms’ fell by 19% due to acquisition uncertainties.
  • Riot increased its stake in Bitfarms to 13.1% and called for leadership changes.

Riot Platforms Inc (RIOT) shares have experienced significant volatility due to recent developments with Bitfarms Ltd (BITF). The focal point of this turbulence is Bitfarms’ adoption of a shareholder rights plan, a strategic defence mechanism against potential hostile takeovers. This move comes after Riot Platforms’ ongoing efforts to acquire Bitfarms, indicating a heated corporate conflict between these prominent crypto-mining companies.

Riot Platforms’ $950M Unsolicited Offer for Bitfarms

Riot Platforms initiated an unsolicited bid to acquire Bitfarms, proposing a deal valued at approximately $950 million. However, Bitfarms quickly rejected this offer, signalling its intent to remain independent. Despite the rebuff, Riot Platforms has shown no signs of backing down, persisting in its pursuit of Bitfarms. This relentless pursuit has heightened tensions and drawn significant attention from market observers and shareholders alike.

Bitfarms’ Poison Pill Plan to Counter Riot

In response to Riot Platforms’ aggressive acquisition attempts, Bitfarms has implemented a poison pill plan. This strategy involves issuing new shares if any entity, including Riot, acquires more than a 15% stake in Bitfarms. Issuing these new shares would dilute the acquiring entity’s stake, making a takeover more challenging and financially burdensome. This defensive manoeuvre highlights Bitfarms’ commitment to maintaining control and preventing hostile takeover attempts.

Riot and Bitfarms Shares Drop Amid Acquisition Battle

Riot Platforms has seen a substantial decline in its share price, dropping by 35% throughout 2024. This decline is attributed to market volatility and the ongoing takeover attempts involving Bitfarms. The uncertainty surrounding the acquisition efforts has created instability and concern among investors, contributing to the sharp decrease in Riot Platforms’ market value.

Bitfarms has also experienced a notable decline in its share price, falling by 19% in 2024. Despite a generally optimistic outlook in the crypto industry, Bitfarms’ market performance has been negatively impacted by the ongoing takeover saga with Riot Platforms. The defensive measures and uncertainty about the company’s future have weighed heavily on its stock price.

Riot Raises Stake in Bitfarms to 13.1%

Riot Platforms has pursued acquisition and raised its stake in Bitfarms, increasing it from 12% to 13.1%. Alongside this move, they have called for significant changes in Bitfarms’ leadership. They have urged the removal of Nicolas Bonta, Bitfarms’ chairman and interim CEO, and proposed the addition of at least two new independent directors. These actions aim to address what Riot Platforms views as serious corporate governance issues within Bitfarms and ensure shareholders have a decisive say in the company’s future direction.

Crypto Industry Optimism Amidst Riot-Bitfarms Conflict

The broader crypto industry has witnessed a wave of optimism due to the approval of exchange-traded funds tied to the spot price of Bitcoin. This regulatory development has instilled confidence and potential growth within the industry. However, the ongoing conflict between Riot Platforms and Bitfarms serves as a reminder of the volatility and strategic manoeuvring that continue to shape the crypto-mining sector.

The battle between Riot Platforms and Bitfarms encapsulates the high-stakes environment of the crypto industry. As both companies navigate this tumultuous period, the outcomes of their strategic decisions will undoubtedly have significant implications for their futures and the broader market.


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