RSQtrade review

General Information
Broker Name: RSQtrade
Broker Type: Crypto
Country: UK
Operating since year: 2016
Regulation: /
Address: Nova North, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BY
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +442070488145
Languages: English
Availability: 24/7
The Trading platforms: Desctop, Mobile, MT4
Trading platform Time zone: /
Demo account: Yes
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit ($): $2 500
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes



Broker Review: RSQtrade

General Information

RSQtrade is a brokerage that provides users a streamlined digital currency trading experience. Unlike many other similar brokerage firms, it also has numerous different asset types to choose from. This broker operates from Nova North, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BY. Our RSQtrade review aims to help you determine whether it’s the right company to conduct your trading.

RSQtrade: general information

When a broker focuses on crypto, it’s a message for non-digital currency traders to turn away and leave. It is hard to blame them since most crypto brokers are focused on digital currency. That tends to leave the rest of their selection relatively lackluster. We can say that RSQtrade is different. It manages to combine crypto and traditional investing assets in a comprehensive experience.
That innovative structure is the company’s main draw, and while the formula is simple, it’s also practical. The main complaints about crypto brokers are about their complexity and singular focus. RSQtrade manages to solve both of those issues and turn them into a unique experience. It is more of a universal broker than a niche, and it does something few manage to do.

why our traders choose us

Thus, the broker achieved to stand out from the vast number of new brokers that look similar. Naturally, standing out is one of your brokerage requirements to break through, so RSQtrade is on the right road. Before we continue to review RSQtrade broker, we’d like to present some of its more exciting qualities:

·      No Transaction Fees

As we know, transaction fees have been disappearing in the brokerage world, but some crypto brokers and exchanges brought them back. Now, many digital currency-oriented brokers charge either deposit or withdrawal fees. Unlike them, doesn’t charge for anything like that. It has an entirely fee-free funding structure. That means that your money goes into trading, which gives you more significant profits.

·      Accessibility

As we already mentioned earlier in our RSQtrade review, the broker has a straightforward service. You don’t need to invest in wallets, then buy crypto and go through similar ordeals to trade. Instead, you need to sign up, deposit the minimum, and you are ready to go. Another positive aspect of the broker is that it is available across the globe. It has over 100 countries on its customer list. The broker brings crypto trading to those that would have no other option otherwise.

·      Variety

Variety is one of RSQtrade’s most significant advantages over other crypto firms. It’s one of the few digital currency brokers that offer a competent trading service with various assets. On top of that,  the broker’s collection of trading products is quite significant. It has over 250 assets to trade. You’re guaranteed to find the instrument you’re looking for to trade.

Funds Trading and Security with RSQtrade

Users should never conduct business with any firms that don’t care about their online security. This is true for a whole host of internet services, especially for brokers, where customers invest an enormous amount of money. Moreover, crypto brokers are often the target of hackers because of the possibility of massive profits. That’s the reason why we’re more strict with such brokers, as we’re aware of how such events can harm users.

We must say that RSQtrade hasn’t had any similar incidents. Furthermore, it’s challenging to find any security fails that would damage the broker’s image. That gave us high hopes for the security measures of the broker. We are glad to find out that RSQtrade delivers a potent but straightforward security web for users.

It has encryption that prevents anyone from getting your data. That refers to anything you put on the site, your card info or username, and password. It has two-factor authentication, which means your account is secure as long as you have access to your email.

Besides security measures, the broker’s clear website and transparent business produce trust. Along with that, the precise terms and conditions accomplish the same. Lastly, the broker has user fund segregation. This means that your money will be safe even if the broker goes under. As far as it goes, the broker earns a passing grade for our RSQtrade review.

The Trading Accounts

In terms of trading accounts, RSQtrade did well in maintaining a balance between loyal and new users. The firm is offering accounts that scale with your investment level. It is adding new features along the way. That creates logical progression traders can follow if they’re uncertain about how to deal with it. It also makes upgrading more accessible, as you can achieve it naturally by investing more as time goes by. Because of that, it’s challenging to go wrong with any account.

RSQtrade trading accounts

Furthermore, there are budget and luxury options that are easy for traders to make decisions. Even the budget options can give you a complete trading experience without any significant restrictions. This means that the company will never force you to change your account type to get a satisfactory experience. It is possible with any account.

It is worth mentioning that if you show that you’re a loyal customer by investing more instantly or incrementally, RSQtrade rewards you. You will get a series of luxury features, including managers with professional guidance, among other things. The features make the trading process convenient while making it slightly easier to turn a profit.

Trading Conditions

RSQtrade provides the trading conditions with a nice mix of accessibility and complexity. As we’ve mentioned several times throughout our RSQtrade review, they’re among the few crypto brokers with other asset options. More precisely, they fulfill both aspects well enough to garner attention. Because of that, you can’t reduce the firm to a crypto broker, as they’re pretty diverse service-wise. That creates the preconditions for any trader to enjoy the broker’s services.

The broker is also competent in individual trading conditions. It has high leverage at a maximum of 1:400. It can help traders spread their capital to boost their earnings. Spreads are tight, which means the costs of using the service are down to a minimum. It has various funding options, meaning your money can quickly get in and out of your account, minimizing disruptions. Lastly, we can say that the broker’s proprietary platform is the most important, but we will talk about that in more detail further into our RSQtrade review.

Trading Platform

RSQtrade created a unique platform for its service that emphasizes the broker’s primary strengths. The software manages to capture the uniqueness of crypto trading and more traditional securities. Besides that, getting used to it is simple, with a comprehensive UI and functionality. The software has all the favorite options for traders, with both mobile and web options.


RSQtrade’s Trading Products

In our RSQtrade review, we emphasized the importance of its various trading instruments. Because of that, this firm is one of the few we could recommend for both digital currency and traditional trading. Its diversity allows for the simple application of fundamental skills, such as portfolio diversification. Additionally, when you have more choices, the average choice quality comes first, as you don’t need to compromise with assets.

Customer Service

We have to mention the importance of a competent customer support team. It seems that RSQtrade also seriously prioritized this part of the brokerage. The firm’s operatives are quick to respond and have knowledge about common trading issues. They work 24/7, as is typical for online brokers. You can reach them via email, phone, or the live chat option on the broker’s website.

RSQtrade customer service

Phone: +442070488145




RSQtrade set a formula that many traders will follow in the future. As crypto trading becomes more mainstream, it also increases the demand to unify it with traditional trading. Finally, the risk paid off, and now they’re a rare example of a genuinely universal broker.

The firm has excellent account typing. We have to say that the broker also has powerful trading specifications since the versatility wouldn’t be worth much without them. Because of that, RSQtrade managed to separate itself from the grain and became an experienced user.

We want to round off our RSQtrade review with a definite recommendation. The firm did well in ensuring both beginners and experts can enjoy its service, so it’s impossible to be disappointed.

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