Sun, August 14, 2022

Russia opens lawsuits against Google and other tech giants

Russia opens lawsuits against Google and other tech giants

The Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor has filed an administrative lawsuit against Google. The event happened after the U.S. technology giant failed to comply with a law requiring foreign companies to keep all data of Russian users in Russia.

If the regulator finds that Google has violated the rules, Google will face a fine of up to 6 million rubles ($82,060).

Roskomnadzor also said that it is currently awaiting responses from Facebook and Twitter. These platforms have also been told to localize Russian user data before July 1 or face fines.

The measure is part of the country’s campaign to establish control over large-scale scientific and technological activities.

Technology and social media companies have recently received significant attention from national authorities around the world.

Since March, Russia has imposed a punitive slowdown on Twitter

Twitter became Russia’s target as it failed to delete content that Moscow considers illegal. Moscow is considering legislation to force foreign technology companies to open offices in Russia or face penalties such as advertising bans.

Russia has blocked LinkedIn too

In 2016, Russia blocked the website of LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.

The reason was failing to comply with the country’s data privacy laws.

LinkedIn promised to stay in Russia and discuss all the conditions with regulators, but the site is still blocked.

The messaging app Telegram also faces three charges and a fine of up to 16 million rubles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not intend to block any foreign social media sites. Still, he hopes that Russian social networks can provide creative and talented people with opportunities to flourish.

Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google did not immediately make any comments.

Moscow District Court often hears these kinds of administrative cases.

About 600 foreign companies have localized their data in Russia, and Roskomnadzor’s previously stated list includes Apple, Samsung, and PayPal.


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