Sat, May 27, 2023

Several Interesting Tech Stocks to Buy This Year

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Investors are working to find interesting stocks. Let’s have a look at several tech stocks and why it makes sense to buy them in 2021. People should take into account that, Digital Turbine stock went on an absolute tear in 2020, for its ability to succeed within a vital space that is focused on the growing number of smartphones and apps.

As a reminder, Digital Turbine, Inc. APPS works to connect OEMs, mobile operators. Moreover, publishers with advertisers as well as developers for a frictionless app and content discovery, etc. According to the information provided by the company, it delivered more than three billion apps preloads for tens of thousands of advertising campaigns.

Interestingly, the company acquired Mobile Posse in March. Importantly, thanks to this deal it is easier to create a more robust offering for clients. People should take into account that, the company’s fiscal 2020 revenue jumped 34%. This fact underlines the strength of the company.

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As stated above, there are many interesting stocks to buy in 2021. One of them is Zendesk, Inc. Zen. Importantly, Zendesk is a cloud-focused CRM firm with a software portfolio geared toward sales, support, as well as customer engagement. It is worth mentioning that, the company boasts more than 160,000 customers from startups to large businesses.

Another interesting company CrowdStrike. It is CrowdStrike is a cloud-focused cybersecurity firm that is using machine learning and AI to protect endpoints as well as cloud workloads. As a reminder, this is crucial in the cloud age that is full of rapidly expanding endpoints, which include laptops, desktops, etc.

The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of problems last year. Millions of people started to spend more time at home and as a result, modern technologies will play even a bigger role in 2021. It is desirable to buy tech stocks.



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