Several Must-Own Stocks in 2021

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In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic created tons of problems which affected the stock market. However, this year is expected to be filled with big changes. Importantly, the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine may mark an end to a pandemic.

Moreover, Joe Biden will replace Donald Trump in less than a week. Importantly, Biden will be taking office right as the vaccine rollout is ramping up as well as shortly after another round of fiscal stimulus hits the bank accounts of more than 100 million American taxpayers.

Moreover, along with dovish monetary policy, the table would appear to be set for a powerful bull market. People should take into account that if this young bull market strengthens its position under the new leadership in Washington D.C., the following stocks will become must-owns for this year.

Let’s start with Square. It is no secret that digital payments, as well as cashless transactions, are a major growth theme. Interestingly, most consumers have probably seen one of Square’s point-of-sale devices in action at some point. Interestingly, the company’s seller ecosystem historically focused on helping smaller businesses facilitate cashless transactions.

Stocks and important details to consider

As stated above, there are several interesting stocks. Importantly, cybersecurity will play an important role in the next several years. Notably, Okta specializes in multiple forms of identity verification solutions for enterprise customers. People should take into account that, since it is a cloud-native platform, it can actually be cheaper as well as more effective than on-premises identity verification solutions.

Another interesting company is the semiconductor giant Broadcom. Importantly, the biggest catalyst in Broadcom’s sails is the ongoing rollout of the 5G infrastructure. Moreover, it will take time to deploy 5G infrastructure around the world. As a result, Broadcom’s largest operating segment will benefit from increased demand for years to come.

It is hard to imagine the modern world without cybersecurity, 5G, as well as contactless transactions. It makes sense to invest in suck stocks in 2021.

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