Slovenian Crypto Company and New Opportunities

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Cryptocurrencies offer a number of advantages in comparison with fiat currencies. This industry is evolving and one crypto-related firm from former Yugoslavia wants to accelerate this process. Crypto payments provider GoCrypto is working hard to expand this industry. For example, it is possible to pay with more than 10 million wallets at GoCrypto locations. Thus, customers do not have to worry about the problems connected with cryptocurrencies.

Currently, GoCrypto operates in five countries. Moreover, it plans to enter the South American market. As a result, GoCrypto will able to provide its services to thirteen new markets.

Last year, a payments provider from Slovenia entered the market of neighboring Croatia. Moreover, it reached Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Furthermore, GoCrypto collaborated with crypto payment processor This way, the company plans to grow its influence in Columbia as well as Venezuela.

The firm obtained legal consent for expansion in the region.

Importantly, GoCrypto applied for a license to provide financial services from the central bank. Based on the preliminary information, the crypto payments provider will receive the license in 2020.

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Moreover, the crypto payment gateway GoCrypto released an important announcement. The platform added more than 1000 new locations around the globe. Moreover, GoCrypto is one of the most popular crypto payments providers.

The firm is extending its services to as many countries as possible. In 2019, it enabled a Burger King outlet in Slovenia with a crypto payment option, and as a result, the customer has the ability to pay in Bitcoin cash.

Moreover, in 2018 this Slovenian company helped the shopping center turn into a cryptocurrency payment hub. As a result, it is possible to use cryptocurrencies in more than 500 retail stores. Other crypto-related companies should initiate such projects. This way it will be easier to attract investors.

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