Mon, August 15, 2022

Social Media, Enthusiasts and Crypto Exchange Bitfinex

Crypto industry and social networking platforms

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others became part of everyday life. Moreover, a lot of people can’t imagine their lives without social media, and crypto enthusiasts are not an exception. Furthermore, the crypto industry has thrived on social media platforms. It is not surprising that people would like to share their ideas regarding their ideas.

Moreover, emerging social media platforms such as Mamby and Honest reward their users with Bitcoin for posting on the platform. Also, there is no shortage of social media platforms built on blockchain for crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto exchange and Bitfinex Pulse social network Social media networks and cryptocurrencies

One week ago, crypto exchange Bitfinex announced the launch of the Bitfinex Pulse social network. The purpose of this social media platform is to help crypto traders to collaborate and exchange ideas.

It is worth mentioning that, unlike most social media platforms, this network will focus on the niche of Bitfinex’s users. Moreover, according to a Bifinex representative, the network will produce high-quality content for a more technically proficient audience.

Interestingly, Bitfinex Pulse will host insightful data that will be exchanged among the users of the platform. This social media network has one interesting feature. Only verified users will be able to post publicly.

Let’s have a look at another crypto-oriented social media platform. The name of this platform Steemit. Notably, Reddit users will find it pretty easy to transition to Steemit. It is similar to Reddit, in a way that the visibility of powers is determined by the number of upvotes that a post receives.
The history of Steemit dates back to 2016 when a former financial analyst Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer launched this platform.

Moreover, the platform’s native cryptocurrency Steem Coin is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies. This social media platform rewards its users for commenting on posts or even for upvoting other posts.


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