SoloFXB Review

SoloFXB Review
General Information
Broker Name:SoloFXB
Broker Type:forex, CFD
Operating Since (Year):2018
Broker status:unregulated
Customer Service
Trading platforms:MT4
Demo account:N/A
Mobile trading:yes
Web-based trading:yes
Other trading instruments:N/A
Minimum deposit ($):250
Maximal leverage:1:200
Scalping allowed:N/A

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SoloFXB review – Scam, scam scam

Looking at the SoloFxb site, we saw some disturbing and alarming signs of scamming. The most important thing we noticed that the platform does not have any regulations. This should be seen as the biggest RED FLAG for the people interested in investing. Another thing they have is automated trading software. This software is usually seen as a serious concern as most of the time they are part of multiple scamming schemes.

To sum up SoloFxb: they are unregulated with a lot of concerns and trends that show that no customer is protected. They show signs of scams and cannot be trusted. The company cannot be held accountable in the case of the loss.

How does SoloFXB scam people?

Danger! Scam alert!

SoloFXB will get your contact information from the website you registered, which might look harmless. They will give you a call and talk you into making the initial deposit, usually, the sum will be $250. In order for you as a customer to be interested in making the deposit thee callers will use multiple tools in their disposal: they will tell you lies about how you will be able to make a lot of money on daily basis, they also may offer you some bonus to make you more interested.

We plead our customers not to fall for these tricks because these people are professional scammers. If you already made a deposit, the next step will be talking to your personal broker. These people are even bigger scammers and liars. They will promise you even bigger sums, and even more. DO NOT TRUST these people, all they want is to steal your hard-earned money.

What else will SoloFXB do to scam people?

There are many ways how these scammers perform their devious plans. They offer you huge profits. Telling you bogus information on how you can make the money, also they may offer you some packets like gold account silver account or something along those lines.
These accounts do not have any perks or any meaning. They are there only to make you want to invest more. DO NOT fall for any of these lies and do not trust the company. They also can ask you for your passwords, they also might ask for a one-time password for no reason, which means that they are running the transaction and you should cancel the card right away.

Review: How To withdraw your funds from SoloFXB ASAP

If you have deposited funds with SoloFXB open withdrawal request right after you read this. Your funds are not safe and they might be stolen. The company might ask for some documents like KYC to verify your account. Go through this process, so that company does not have any reasons to refuse you your withdrawal.

Virus Outbreak in China Causes Risk-Off; UK Remains Stable

Avoid sending your bank statement. The withdrawal process is made extremely long in design. They will stretch out the refund longer than 6 months in order for you to have no legal grounds for the chargeback. If you signed a contract that says that your account will be managed by someone, they can officially go to your account and lose money deliberately, so there won’t be any money or you to withdraw. Contacting them will not change a thing. They will not release the funds under no circumstances. If this is the case CONTACT LOCAL POLICE AND GET A CHARGEBACK FROM YOUR BANK ASAP.

Conclusion – avoid SoloFXP at all costs

In conclusion, SoloFxb has no regulator, and they seem very sketchy, do not trust them with anything. Most probably they are scammers and should be approached with caution. If you already have deposited with them ask for the withdrawal and wait for a couple of days. If your money is not back within one week ask for the chargeback. DO NOT sign any documents with the company. Trade with them at your own risk.

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