Wed, December 07, 2022

Sony Stealthily Launches Lighter PS5 Model


The PlayStation 5 has had its fair share of difficulties from the moment it hit stores. At first, there was a significant supply issue, exacerbated by scalpers picking up available consoles. Waiting lines lasted months, and few people were able to get a console through retailers. Some stood firm and opposed scalpers, waiting patiently, while others gave in and purchased the console at a markup.

However, the difficulties seem to be ending with supply increasing and scalpers struggling to sell devices. Furthermore, Sony seems to be improving its device to keep an edge over its primary competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox. In an unannounced change, Sony released a lighter version of its console in Australia.

One of the primary complaints with the PlayStation 5 is that it’s too cumbersome. And if you’ve only seen pictures, you’d likely be surprised at how large the PS5 is in real life.

However, changing the shape and size (and, thus, the design) is a massive undertaking. As such, to at least somewhat address the burning issue, Sony made the console lighter. The change applies to both the disc and digital versions of the device.

The new disc model, titled CFI-1202A reduced its weight by seven percent and now sits at 3.9kg or 8.6lbs. The change follows another revision that shrunk the original model from 4.5kg to 4.2kg.

The digital version originally weighed 3.9kg, matching the disc model’s current weight. However, it also slimmed down to 3.4kg, translating to a 13% shrink.

How Sony actually pulled off the weight reduction remains unclear. The original shrink was a result of a change in the heatsink, letting the console lose about 300 grams.

While the change in weight is welcome, it also comes with some disappointing news. Sony is also increasing console prices outside the US. The UK can expect a 6% price hike, the rest of Europe 10% on average, and Japan will see a massive 21% increase.


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