Mon, June 05, 2023

SpaceX’s Push to Increase Launches

SpaceX’s Push To Increase Launches

As rivals prepare to launch new vehicles in the launch market, SpaceX is seeking to increase its flight rate this year.

In 2023, Elon Musk’s rocket-and-satellite company aims to do up to 100 orbital flights. This is suggested in his tweet from August last year. That would amount to a 64% increase over the 61 missions handled by the company last year, making it the most among private and government rocket launchers globally, according to astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell’s new study on global space flight.

Falcon 9 rocket is based on a reusable booster that may return to Earth after launch. With its use, Space Exploration Technologies Corp., often known as SpaceX, has established a strong position in the launch business.

SpaceX used the Falcon 9 rockets on all but one of its missions last year. The launch of its Falcon Heavy vehicle in November for a mission involving national security was the exception. The mission used the Falcon 9 rockets. According to data from the Federal Aviation Administration, more than half of the Falcon 9 launches deployed SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites.

SpaceX Has a Lot to Worry About Industry Competitors

Deutsche Bank analysts anticipate growth to $35 billion by 2030. According to their September estimate, the worldwide launch market is expected to total roughly $8 billion in 2022.

As companies and governments set new goals for commercial, scientific, and other activities in space, the number of orbital flights is rising. According to Dr. McDowell, 2022 year completed 180 launches into space. The number was 86 five years ago.

Several rocket-launch firms are attempting to launch new rockets. Last year, Inc. secured up to 83 missions from three providers for Project Kuiper. That’s a satellite-internet company it has been working on. It has bought a significant quantity of future launch capacity.

Lockheed Martin Corp. owns a portion of United Launch Alliance. The spokesperson says the business and Boeing Co. plan to launch their new spacecraft on its maiden flight in the first quarter. It’s called Vulcan Centaur. Vulcan will be used for national security operations and is dependent on engines developed by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin LLC. It will perform 38 launches for Project Kuiper in the years ahead.

The development of the New Glenn rocket by Blue Origin is also underway. Blue Origin was planning to launch the vehicle for the first time at the end of 2022, according to an executive at the firm speaking at an industry event last March. According to a spokesperson, Blue Origin is working on the New Glenn and plans to fly it when it’s ready.


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