State of Telangana and Blockchain-Based Voting System

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The Election Commission of India and the Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency conducted a webinar. Interestingly, members of the Election Commission of India, Ministry of Electronics and IT, India’s citizen engagement platform, and blockchain industry leaders took part in the webinar. The Southern Indian state of Telangana may soon develop as well as test a blockchain-based electronic voting system. The purpose of this system is to facilitate remote voting.

Interestingly, the Principal Secretary of Information Technology Jayesh Ranjan made an interesting comment during this webinar. According to Ranjan, Telangana may initially experiment with blockchain e-voting on a small scale and later widen the implementation.

It is worth mentioning that, the members of the webinar, discussed the possible use of blockchain technology in deploying an e-voting platform for Indian states.

Blockchain-based voting system and state governments

Exploring Blockchain for Remote Voting

According to the Principal Secretary of Information Technology, the state government may persuade civil societies, neighborhoods, as well as sports associations to conduct internal elections by using their blockchain-based e-voting platform.

Moreover, after taking into consideration the results of the smaller experiments, the state government can convince other state governments. As a result, other state governments will also benefit from the blockchain platform.

Furthermore, a one-day blockchain-based e-voting system may be used on a national level. Importantly, India is home to more than 1.3 billion people.

Some people may think that it is quite hard to use blockchain technology. However, in reality, it is quite simple to use this technology. For example, the state government’s T-Chits initiative is using blockchain to manage chit funds in the state. It is worth mentioning that, a chit fund is an Indian version of a savings and credit scheme.

State of Telangana has the opportunity make blockchain-based e-voting system more popular in the state. As a result, it will be easier to convince other states. Moreover, state governments should pay more attention to this technology.


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