Stock market for beginners

Stocks and its challenges

People around the world have at least some knowledge about the stock markets. It is not surprising because media outlets talk about the stocks on a regular basis. However, it is desirable to learn about stocks.

The first question which comes to mind is what people mean they talk about stocks. The definition of this word quite simple. Stocks are a type of security that represents a piece of ownership in an organization.

Another name of the stocks is equity. A stock is an investment. It means that a person can acquire the stocks of a company. As a result, this person becomes the owner of a portion of that company, which is called a share.

Investors are investing in stocks to boost profit and to deal with problems created by inflation in the long run.

Companies generate income by selling those stocks. This way, they can raise money to develop their businesses.

Stock exchanges and stock trading

In the previous part, we discussed the concept of stocks. Now, we can discuss how companies are selling their stocks. Public companies sell their equity through a stock market exchange.

There are several famous stock exchanges in the world. For example, the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, etc. Traders can buy or sell the stock among themselves.

Another option is to buy or to sell the stock with the help of stockholders. The stock exchange is monitoring the supply and demand of all listed security. As mentioned above, stocks are a type of security.

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It is important to remember that supply and demand play a crucial role when it comes to stocks. The supply and demand factor provide market participants the price levels for each share at which investors are willing to buy or to sell. It is worth mentioning that most of the calculations are done by computer algorithms.

The stock price will go up if the demand for a stock is higher, as only several holders are selling their shares. However, when there is a low demand the price of the stock will decrease due to low interest.

Stocks and diversificationThe importance of stocks

Also, a person who is willing to invest in stocks should remember that stock prices may change multiple times during one session. Moreover, there are cases when the value of the company starts to decline, or the company goes bankrupt. In that case, a person who owns a share of this company can lose some or the whole stock depending on the situation.

To avoid this scenario, it is better to invest in various companies. Distribution and diversification will help to deal with various problems.

An interesting fact about stock markets is the number of publicly traded corporations around the world. There are about 630,000 publicly traded corporations. It means that a person can choose to invest in tech companies, carmakers, etc.

As mentioned above, diversification is very important as it helps to minimize the risks connected with stock trading.

There are many factors that can influence the stocks including geopolitical tensions, military conflicts or scandals connected with companies.

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