Sat, May 27, 2023

Stock Market Rebounds Festively with Season

Stock Market Rebounds Festively with Season

Data showed some indications that the labor market is slowing. This is one of the main concerns for Federal Reserve governors as they weigh whether to proceed with their tighter campaign. The stock market rebounds accordingly.

The S&P 500 bounced after a five-day loss, with the index on the verge of a major technical threshold: its average price over the last 100 days. 10-year bond yields climbed above 3.5% on Thursday, reversing course after a week of declines. Oil prices rose amid anticipation of China’s reopening and an outage on a key US oil pipeline.

According to continuing US unemployment claims, Americans who are losing their jobs are having more trouble finding new ones. They have risen to the highest since early February. The producer price index for November is one of the final statistics Federal Reserve policymakers will see before their Dec. 13-14 policy conference. Traders expect it on Friday. In October, the PPI fell short of expectations.

Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists hope the Fed is nearing a shift to an easier policy. They warn the investors not to pile back into risk.

Hong Kong Stocks Rally as The COVID Policies Keep Loosening

As the anticipation of the government removing further limitations on COVID lifted, Hong Kong shares climbed.

The Hang Seng Index increased 3.4%, reversing Wednesday’s selloff. A measure of Chinese technology stocks traded in the city increased by 6.6%. Macau casino company shares climbed by over 10%, according to Bloomberg.

The market rally was sparked by an indication that Hong Kong might remove its outdoor mask requirement and lowering test standards for inbound tourists. Health officials said that the quarantine period for COVID patients and close contacts would be reduced from a minimum of seven days to five days. However, according to an after-hours briefing, most of the COVID restrictions will remain in place until December 28.

To revitalize its economy and markets, Hong Kong has been struggling to preserve its position as a regional financial center. Investors are becoming more optimistic about the prospects for shares in the area, thanks to Chinese authorities’ efforts to soften their Zero COVID stance.



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Oil prices rose to $77 on international markets on Friday, boosted by

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Saudi Arabia registered a budget deficit in the Q1 of the year


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