Stock markets and the global economy

European stocks

European and Asian stock markets and the global economy

European and Chinese stock markets reacted to the news regarding the upcoming central bank’s meetings. Investors, as well as analysts, are waiting for the meeting of the European Central Bank.

The trade war between the U.S. and China continues to affect the stock markets in Europe as well as other regions. The Chinese and U.S. representatives will meet in October.

Another factor which is also connected with the U.S. is the Federal Reserve’s meeting. This meeting will also influence the overall situation of the European stock markets.

The European Central Bank’s meeting will take place on Thursday. Investors and analysts are monitoring the situation. The economists from BNP Paribas made a prediction regarding the outcome of this meeting. Economists think that the European Central Bank might lower this rate by ten basis point. The central bank might announce a stimulus package. This an important decision as Eurozone members are trying to deal with economic problems.

The Shares of Electricite de France fell by 6% on September 10. This happened after the company announced that Faramatome detected problems connected with the manufacturing parts. The Electicite de France is the major owner of Farmatome.

The German DAX index fell by 0.32% to 12,186. However, DAX was able to recover, and the index rose by 0.37% to 12,272.

The Stoxx Europe 600 index fell by 0.03% to 385.99. The French CAC 40 fell by 0.59%, but the situation changed, and on Tuesday, CAC 40 was on the rise. Its index rose by 0.02% to 386.11.

Chinese stocks on TuesdayAsian stock market news

The Chinese stock indexes are experienced problems. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by 0.12% to 3,021.

Hong Kong’s Seng Index did not change, but it was still negative.

The European ad Chinese stock markets can regain their positions in the upcoming days.

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