Sun, February 05, 2023

Stocks Rise 7% as DARTs Set Record in January.

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January’s DARTs were 223% higher year-on-year and 43% higher month-on-month.

Interactive Brokers LLC published its trading metrics for January, showing a record month in daily average revenue traded (DARTs).

DARTs is a metric that sets records for the past two consecutive months.

With 3,295,000 DARTs for the month, the metric rose by 43% compared to the prior month and 223% when tallied with the same month the previous year.

Increased traders’ activity in the market and the ongoing frenzy backed the impressive figure.

Recently, tremendous stock volatility such as AMC Entertainment, GameStop, and few others skyrocketed the retail trading demand.

Records Across all Metrics

Also, the broker ended the month with a total equity client of $313.4 billion. The number includes the $2.43 billion in client equity the broker gained with its Folio acquisition. 

The broker’s client equity rose by 78% year-on-year and by 9% compared to December 2020. The broker’s client margin loan balance further rose by 49% year-on-year to $40.8, which is also 5% higher than the previous month.

Also, the $82.7 billion in client credit balance for January rose by 40% higher than the previous year and 6% higher than the previous month.

The US-listed brokerage further explained that it added 1,189,000 additional new clients last month. The number included 57,000 new accounts acquired from Folio. The metric is 69% higher year-on-year and 11% higher month-on-month.

Earlier, the broker said nearly 80% of their new clients come from outside the United States. They cited that the increasing number of mutual funds and products were available in fractions.

Interactive Brokers also secured its position in Europe after Brexit by forming two local entities in Ireland and Hungary to serve its EEA clients.

Meanwhile, the brokerage’s publicly-listed shares are performing well and rose almost 7% as the broker posted the record trading metrics for January.



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