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Looks like Google is searching to expand on its monthly service with Google Photos. For $7.99 a month, users can send you 10 automatically selected prints from your “last 30 days of photos.”

Subscribers will get 4.6 pictures on matte, white cardstock with 1/8-inch borders.

The service has three themes for monthly prints: “people and pets,” “most landscapes,” and “a little bit of everything.” The site claims the first option is the most popular.

“People and Pets” give you portraits of their best moments each month, while “most landscapes” offers users’ most memorable places. The  “a little bit of everything” option gives you a mix of both.

Google will deliver these in a cardboard envelope, which are advertised as the best fit on frames, refrigerators, and gifts.

This Google Photos option is still on its trial program in the US. The search engine giant will invite selected users to join it with a banner on top of their web pages.

The company started with softcover and hardcover photos in 2017 before expanding into canvas prints in 2019.

Walmart and CVS began offering same-day photo printing alongside new canvas printing options in late 2019. Through the service, customers got more flexible ways to print photos from their Photo Books.

With the Google Photos app, users can select prints and send them to nearby Walmart or CVS locations. Each photo printed costs 25¢.

Initially, printing only allowed 4×6 sizes. The feature added 5×7 and 8×10 sizes by the end of November in 11,000 Walmart and CVS branches.

Google also added canvas prints starting at $19.99 with sizes 8×8, 12×14, and 16×20. The app will suggest which pictures are most suitable for canvas printing.

These prints are shipped directly to your home following purchase.

Pay Google with Google Pay

Screenshot of the Google Pay mobile app.

For those who want to try Google Photos should know more about the convenient Google Pay.

Google Pay replaces the Android Pay and Google Wallet. The digital wallet can send and request money from friends, or purchase anything in stores and restaurants with Android phones.

The feature is more secure than using physical debit or credit cards. It doesn’t send actual card numbers to stores and restaurant, keeping your information stored in the company’s servers.

Google Pay uses a token called a virtual account number as a stand-in for these numbers.

Any store with its trademark symbol can pay with the app, much like Apple Pay. It uses NFC to connect to a register.

Tie Chase debit cards to Google Pay and use the app to withdraw money in a Chase ATM. The machine will ask for your PIN number for confirmation.

Users can also use their Messages app to send or request money from friends with a popup window. They also have the option to use for the same action.

Not only that – the wallet also offers loyalty programs and gift cards at its users’ disposal.

Google Pay is also available for payment in transmit systems in some states like the monorail in Las Vegas. The TriMet, C-TRAN, and Portland Streetcar with the Hop in Oregon also uses the feature.

Melbourne and some parts of Victoria, Australia also allow payments from the app with the MYKI transit pass.

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