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History of Bitcoin and its Rise to Prominence

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and this fact once more underlines its importance. Let’s have a look at this cryptocurrency....

BTC/USD Set for a Volatile Week

Wall Street first predicted BTC/USD to fall below $8,000 two weeks ago, after which it surged beyond $10,000 the Monday after. Despite the slow...

Wall Street Calls for a Bitcoin Price of $9,200 by Friday

Bitcoin (BTC) might have increased by 135% since March’s lows, but Wall Street doubts it’ll see the bears soon. The coin met $10,000 over...

Bitcoin Bond Launched in Bloomberg Terminal

Bitcoin bond is the world’s first zero-fiat and is now available on Bloomberg terminal. Click here now! – Wibest Broker

GMO Internet Group Quits Bitcoin Mining Business

Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is ditching the bitcoin mining hardware sector, according to a report citing a public documents. Read more here!