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GBP USD Exchange Rate Stumbles and Recovers | Wibest

Yesterday was a wild ride for the GBP USD exchange rate as it contracted and declined during the sessions. News from the United Kingdom’...

GBP USD Exchange Rate Falls After Deal Delay | Wibest

The GBP USD exchange rate saw negative territories in this Monday’s trading. The fall is a rough way for the pound sterling to start...

European Luxury Goods are Trump’s Next Target

United States President Donald Trump’s next prospect for its tariff is European luxury goods. So, if Trump’s sanctions push through, it will affect billions...

Regulators in Ireland Queries Facebook’s Audio Recording

On Wednesday, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said the lead regulator of Facebook Inc in the European Union is in quest of information. This probe concerns...

Sterling’s Gleam Fail on Brexit Continued Ambiguity

UK Currency - In a news report, last month, after highlighting an extended struggling economy, uncertainty surrounded Britain's departure from the European Union, outlook...

Trade Agreement: EU, US to Enter Trade Talks

TRADE AGREEMENT - On Monday, final clearance was given by the European Union countries with the United States after months of delay due to...

Dollar Struggles on Fed Rate Speculation

The dollar floundered for traction against other currencies on Tuesday, with investors increasingly convinced that the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates this year amid risks of a sharper slowdown in global growth. Read more here!

British PM Theresa May Postpones Brexit Parliamentary Vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday cancelled a parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal to seek more concessions but the European Union refused to renegotiate and lawmakers doubted her chances of winning big changes. Read more here!

British PM to Address Lawmakers on Brexit Vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May will tell lawmakers on Monday that they face a stark choice. Read more here!