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Apple TV Plus Receives Mixed Criticisms Before its Launch

The multinational technology giant, Apple, receives mixed reviews on its newest Apple TV Plus. The new streaming services is almost here, or on Friday...

Fitbit Secures Major Deal with Singapore

Earlier, Fitbit Inc said it had signed a contract with the Singapore government. The deal will be offering fitness trackers and services in a health...

Global Gaming Market Fetches $152.1 billion

As the US overtakes China as the largest market for global games, the market appears ready to generate a truckload of cash. According to Global...

Nintendo and its Plans for the Business

Nintendo is likely to release a handful of titles each year then extends them to switch. Click here for more! – Wibest Broker

Nintendo Will Launch Switch Lite Despite Waning Sales in Aging Devices

Nintendo prepares for the launching of its new product, Switch Lite despite the questionable aging handheld business. Click here now! – Wibest Broker

The trade dispute between South Korea and Japan

South Korea and Japan: Trade Dispute The global economic problems are getting worse as after the U.S.-China trade war; another dispute is unfolding between South...

YouTube Too Huge to Filter All Harmful Contents

YouTube might not be able to filter out every harmful content in its site because it’s too big. Click here to know more! – Wibest Broker

IBM Jobs Laid off, 1,700 Employees Affected

IBM jobs reduced, and it will result in about 1,700 employees laying off. Want to know more? Click here now! – Wibest Broker

Alphabet’s Google in Antitrust Violations

Alphabet’s Google might face an antitrust case from the DOJ due to a history of complaints. Click here for more! – Wibest Broker

United States and China To Divide Tech World

United States and China’s trade war can develop into two different sets of technologies. Click here for more! – Wibest Broker