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Digital Coins: Cardano, XRP, and Litecoin Fail to Recover

On Thursday, setting the most massive one-day percentage loss since January 16, 2018, Cardano traded at $0.063663, down 20.15% on the day. The push of...

Stock Values: World Stocks Tumble on Trump Threat

STOCK VALUES: Stocks around the globe declined on Friday while bonds jumped as a result of investor panic after US President Donald Trump’s shock...

FX Market: Dollar Strengthens, Pound Weakens

FX MARKET - Last Tuesday in Europe, nearly on its third week, the dollar was close to being on its highest level on trading....

Biggest Economies: US-China Trade Deal Resolution is Near

The U.S.-China trade talks are near its ending. Signals point towards a done deal, with China to continue a large run on trade surpluses...

Trump Delays State of the Union Address

US President Donald Trump said in a late night Tweet on Wednesday that he would delay the State of the Union Address until the...

Safe Haven Yen and Franc Rise on Global Concerns

The yen and the Swiss franc gained on Friday, as investors sought refuge in safe-haven assets because of renewed US-China trade tensions and weaker-than-expected data in the top two economies that revived global growth fears. Read more here!

March 1 a ‘Hard Deadline’ for Talks, says Lighthizer

US-China trade negotiations need to come with a successful end by March 1 or new tariffs will be slapped, according to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Sunday. Read more here!

Asian Stocks Upbeat after US-China Ceasefire

Asian stocks gained ground on Monday after US and Chinese leaders came up with a truce in their trade dispute. Read more here!