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Texas Oil Industry threatened by “Catastrophic Flooding”

Heart of Texas oil industry is being threatened by the Tropical Depression Imelda. Click here to know more! – Wibest Broker

Commodities: Petroleum Products and Gold Prices Decline

Earlier, petroleum products such as U.S. Crude Oil WTI Futures soared 3.1% to $52.69. International Brent Oil Futures also grew by 2.9% to $57.88. It was last Thursday when...

Petroleum Products Strengthen Amid OPEC Cuts Prospect

On Friday, as anticipations of more petroleum products in the OPEC production cuts provided some support, oil prices inched higher. But concerns over the...

Global Commodities: Petroleum Products and Gold Prices Decline

Earlier, petroleum products such as U.S. Crude Oil WTI Futures soared 3.1% to $52.69. International Brent Oil Futures also grew by 2.9% to $57.88. It...

The Federal Reserve Chance of Rate Cut Drops Gold Price

The Federal Reserve rate cut expectations went low, dragging the gold price with a sharp fall. Click here now! – Wibest Broker

US Fed: After Kicking 1-week high, Gold Prices Stable

On Thursday in Asia, as traders weighed gains in stock markets and expected a potential rate cut by the U.S. Federal Reserve occurred, gold...

Oil Inventory Report: Oil Boosts Buoyed By US Stocks Fall

Oil Inventory Report: Oil prices climbed while U.S. crude stocks fell. Click here to see and find out more! – Wibest Broker

United States And China Dispute Caused Oil to Steady

United States and China argument resulted in a dropped in oil prices. Click here for more information! – Wibest Broker

Asian Stocks Slumped Driven by Hong Kong Market

Asian stocks fell on Thursday led by the result of the second session in the Hong Kong market. Click here now! – Wibest Broker

Spot Price of Gold Backed by U.S.-China Trade Concerns

Spot price of gold held steady from U.S.-China trade worries after a sharp sell-off. Click here now to learn more! – Wibest Broker

Oil Inventory Report: Crude Oil Rose on Global Cues

Oil inventory report: Crude oil futures gains on fresh positions created by speculators. Click here for more! – Wibest Broker

Oil Inventories: Prices dropped amid US-China Trade Talks

Oil Inventory Report: Price decline on trade battle despite the sudden fall in US crude inventories. Click here now! – Wibest Broker

Oil Inventory Report: Oil Slips, Headed for Gains this Week

OIL INVENTORY REPORT – Brent slipped further away from the $70 mark after topping that level during the previous session, while West Texas Intermediate...

Brent: Oil Prices Slump on Lackluster Demand Outlook

BRENT – Brent crude futures slipped on Tuesday as the markets prepared for low demand growth for fuel, with the OPEC-led cuts on production...

Oil Prices Firm after Massive Increase Last Friday

Oil prices were steady on Monday in Asia after official data showed Chinese economic slowdown was in line with expectations and not as sharp...