Tech Giants Might Have to Head Out From Hong Kong

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It is a strict timing for tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter all around the world. Now, Hong Kong’s leader announced that these tech giants might have to quit the country’s financial hub on Tuesday. The decision followed the authorities pushing ahead with the new privacy law.

Asia Internet Coalition sent the letter of notice. Suggested adjustments to privacy laws in Hong Kong could see individuals hit with harsh sanctions. However, the sanctions are not specified.

In the six-page document, AIC managing director Jeff Paine conceded the proposed modifications focus on individuals’ safety and personal data privacy. They assume that the doxing is a matter of severe concern.

The term doxing stands for the act of openly exposing formerly private personal data about an individual or organization. Usually, it occurs through the Internet.

Methods utilized to obtain such information include searching openly available social media websites, hacking, databases, and social engineering.

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, stated on Tuesday morning that the proposed law is only targeting “illegal” doxing

She added that the privacy chief would be glad to meet with tech companies if they had worries.

According to her, there is broader support for the legislation of doxing. In fact, the revision exercise is to focus on the topic of doxing. The privacy commissioner is encouraged to take action and carry out an investigation.

According to Carrie Lam, all new legislation raised concerns, giving the national security law an example.

The national security law has been broadly and globally criticized

The tech giants haven’t made any comments yet.  A widespread crackdown on opposition and rebellion by Hong Kong authorities accelerated with the implementation of the Beijing-designed National Security Law last year.

More than 10,000 people and more than 128 journalists, politicians, and new national offenses have been arrested for the protests.

Lastly, the Hong Kong government has denied international criticism of its crackdown. Instead, the government vowed to boost laws further.

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