Tehran Weeps for the General’s Death, the Rial Crumbles

Tehran: Iranian rial bills.

The supreme leader of Tehran wept earlier this week over the casket of General Soleimani killed by an American airstrike. Countless Iranian citizens are mourning, seeking vengeance, and calling for retaliation against the United States.

Moreover, the recent tension sent ripples throughout the country, even its currency felt a massive shock.

Just recently, the Iranian rial collapsed to its lowest level in almost more than six months on the black market. The currency of Tehran depreciated by 4.3% to 139,500 per US dollar after the news of Soleimani broke out last week.

January three may have marked a significant shift to Iran as its leaders are now furious over the General’s death.

Prices of tradable assets from currencies to commodities to stocks all felt the detrimental shock. Iran’s very own stock market also declined as a result of the devastating strike.

The United States may have blown and killed important officials from the region, it also escalated the situation.

Shots Fired, Again

Tehran: Iranian and American flags.Yesterday, Tehran fired rockets towards US forces based in Iraq. More than a dozen missiles were sent towards two Iraqi military bases housing US soldiers according to the Pentagon.

The rockets deployed aimed at the Ain al-Asad base in the Anbar province of Iraq. The missiles also targeted an American base in Erbil earlier this Wednesday.

The new attacks are the latest in the escalating conflict between Tehran and Washington.

The attacks follow the death of key Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani in Iraq last week. And shortly after that, both the Iranian Supreme Leader and President vowed harsh retaliation.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran, any retaliation from the US will lead to an all-out war in the region. The adviser of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted this earlier today.

US President Donald Trump, on the other hand, tweeted that “all is well.” Lastly, the 45th president will make a statement in their local time today.

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