The Investment Center Review

General Information
Broker Namda dae: The Investment Center
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: Kingstown, St. VIncent
Operating since year: 2001
Regulation: -
Address: Kingstown, St. VIncent
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +61383999132
Languages: English
Availability: 24/6
Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: GMT
Demo account: N/A
Mobile trading: YES
Web-based trading: YES
Bonuses: N/A
Other trading instruments: YES
Minimum deposit ($): 250 USD
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: NO

Investment Center Review

The Investment Center Review: General Information

The Investment Center is one of the most experienced brokerages in the business. It has recently overhauled its service so that it better matches the modern standards of online trading. The firm first started working in 2001, making it nearly two decades old. It focuses on providing Forex and CFD services, although it also covers a wide array of other assets. The firm’s headquarter is at Kingstown, St Vincent.

As many older brokers tend to fall behind in terms of their service, traders often opt for fresher variants. However, brokerages that manage to withstand the test of time often become renowned names in the brokerage industry. The Investment Center is trying to join that group, applying a fresh coat of paint over the previously outdated sections of its service. Naturally, the changes aren’t only in the visual fidelity, but core functionality and trading conditions as well. So let’s look at the first impression the modernized broker leaves with the way it set up its website.

Visually, the site looks great. It has a healthy mix of static and dynamic elements making the entire thing appear more alive. It does well in conveying the professional atmosphere the brokerage is going for. However, although having a pleasant website is a definite plus, it’s far from the main concern. Functionality, for example, is a much more impactful metric. But don’t worry, everything handles amazingly; without having any hitches, the broker creates a frustration-free experience.

On top of that, the broker organized the information on its website exceptionally well. Everything you need to know is easy to find, showing an early indication that the broker avoids malicious business practices. Here are some of the other features The Investment Center prides itself on:

Why trade the Investment Center


A quality educational experience is the sort of feature that demonstrates that the broker is willing to go the extra mile. There’s no need to educate your customers, and you could simply let them learn themselves. After all, resources that teach you about trading are far from scarce and only a few clicks away online. However, The Investment Center decided to localize those resources in order to provide users with as much convenience as it could. Such features are an invaluable resource for newer traders but also helps veterans that sometimes need a small reminder.


Cost is another thing that’s usually a hurdle for people to get into the trading world. Often, the price associated with trading is too steep for the average person even to attempt investing. The price primarily comes from two points, account funding and trading costs. Luckily, the broker does well in negating both of those, thus making the experience more accessible. It has a low entry price, as the cheapest account costs a mere $250 while attaching no additional trading costs.


Brokers usually either specialize heavily in one asset group or try and spread out their service across many. It suffices to say, that The Investment Center is in the latter group, as it handles that diversity quite well. Instead of overprioritizing a single group, it pays equal attention to all the different ones in its selection. Additionally, it avoids the mistake that many brokers make by spreading themselves out too thin, ending up underwhelming.

Funds Trading And Security 

Before considering whether they find a broker’s trading conditions suitable, traders should inspect whether their funds will be safe. Sadly, the nature of internet trading is that you’re always prone to the existence of scams. Furthermore, those scams seem to be becoming more common as time goes on and trading slips into the mainstream. The abundance of new traders incentivizes shady brokers to try and capitalize on their inexperience. However, that doesn’t mean each broker is a scam, and we can see that claim in action with The Investment Center.

The broker provides an impressive set of features to make its users feel safe. The first is the way the broker set up its website, hiding nothing from potential traders. That creates a situation where, after a thorough inspection, you can get the complete picture of the broker. No surprises along the way or sudden shifts that result in a loss of the funds you invested in.

Next, we have some technical features, such as the SSL encryption on the broker’s website. It makes it so all the info you decide to input remains solely between you and the brokerage. It accomplishes that by scrambling your data, with the only way to unscramble it being the “key,” which potential hackers don’t have. Additionally, the broker’s terms of use are devoid of any intentionally confusing language or questionable clauses. That means the technical side is sorted out, and traders that follow the rules shouldn’t have any issues.

Lastly, we can mention the broker’s location and age as somewhat more subjective, but still a reliable security factor. Brokers that aren’t located offshore are easier to track and tend to have stricter outside regulations. Additionally, a firm that’s been around for nearly twenty years is unlikely to have gone by scamming customers.

Trading Accounts

The Investment Center’s account setup allows for a great trading experience regardless of your budget limitations. It achieves that by having tiered accounts with a cheap entry point, which we mentioned was $250. For that price, you get the base account, which has excellent specifications for its cost and provides a competitive trading experience. If you were to never change accounts, you’d still have a fair shot at making a good amount of money with the base specs.

However, the best part is that it’s unlikely you’ll stay there for long, even if your budget is limited. The tiered investment-based structure makes many traders move up accounts without even realizing it. If you continue to use the brokerage for a while, you’ll get to the next level by consistently funding your account. The best part about that is that the funds don’t go to waste. You’re not paying for the account variation you’re using since you’ll employ that money to trade either way.

The higher account tiers slightly bump up the trading conditions you get while adding luxury features. As such, traders that are used to investing a bit more straight away get aptly rewarded for their contribution. The account structure has something for everyone, with fair conditions across the board.

Trading Conditions at The Investment Center

As for the set of trading conditions at The Investment Center, few will find a reason to complain. The leverage reaches 1:400, which can enhance both the risk and reward of your trades. Meanwhile, the spreads remain tight across all the different accounts, and the liquidity and execution are top-notch. The service is cost-efficient, with the broker respecting the funds you put in by providing excellent conditions for the investments.

That combined with the fact that the broker has a healthy selection over various asset classes to create an experience that would satisfy most traders, shows us this broker is serious and trustworthy. On top of that, the secondary conditions, such as security and funding options, are definitely above average. We went over safety earlier in our The Investment Center review, but the funding options are quick and diverse. That means you’ll nearly certainly find your preferred method there.

The Trading Platform

the trading platform

The Investment Center has a proprietary platform, which you can inspect via a button on the front page. The software works quite well, rivaling the functionality of more standard options, such as the MetaTrader4. Additionally, it’s quite intuitive to use, meaning it can get you started in no-time. The platform also comes in the web and mobile trader variations, allowing for more convenient use.

The Investment Center’s Trading Products

Investment Center: trading products

As we mentioned before in our The Investment Center review, its broad asset library is one of its greatest strengths. The variety allows the broker to cater to a significant group of traders, as well as improving overall trading capabilities. Skills such as diversification and proper portfolio management become much simpler to employ, turning trading into a skill-expressive experience. Here’s a list of the trading instrument categories you’ll see once you open up the trading window:

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Indices
  • Crypto

Customer Service

The broker’s customer support is quite diligent in that it works longer than the average. It operates 24/6, covering a part of the weekend. You can reach them by employing the three standard methods, email, live chat, or one of its phone lines.

Australia: +61383999132



The Investment Center Review: Conclusion

The Investment Center’s transformation is undoubtedly a success, resulting in the brokerage shedding its faulty parts and replacing them with excellent ones. As-is the brokerage is certain to please most traders, with its service that allows for incredible levels of variety. The account structure balances the trading experience across different investment levels, giving everyone a chance to profit. As such, we recommend giving the broker a go if you’re in search of a new long-term trading hub.

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