Tue, October 04, 2022

The latest version of Android Auto

Google decided to upgrade Android Auto

Google’s operating system is well-known around the world. Android, along with Apple’s IOS, is the major mobile operating system in the world. It means that a lot of people are familiar with the operating system. Google decided it was time to upgrade its mobile app designed for car owners.

Android Auto is a mobile app that enables to connection car’s information and entertainment head unit with a smartphone. The first version of this mobile application dates back to 2015. At the moment, this app is available in 36 countries.

Google announced that customers would be able to use the updated version of its mobile app several months ago. The company made this announcement during the Google I/O conference in May. However, only this week, the company released additional information regarding this product. They promised that in several weeks from now, customers would start using the updated version of Android Auto.

It is worth mentioning that the current update is the most comprehensive since its launch in 2015. There are many new features that will facilitate the use of this mobile application. Let’s have a look at some of the new capabilities.

New possibilities

Tech giant decided to update its mobile app for car owners

One of the significant functions of the Android auto is to help drivers to find the place they are going to by using the navigation app. For example, if a customer already has a route loaded into his or her phone when they will connect the phone with Android Auto, it will open automatically.

Another news is that customers can manage their communication more easily. For instance, Android auto will have a new notification center that shows recent calls, messages, etc. Also, customers can choose to view and respond to these messages when it is convenient for them.

There is excellent news for people who have big screens in their cars. Thanks to the upgraded version, they will have the possibility to use their displays. New Android auto will maximize the display, which means that customers will see more information.

There are other changes such as color palette which is more pleasurable for the eyes. It is important because this will improve visibility. Google also made it easier for customers to use google assistant.

To sum up, Google worked hard to improve its mobile app. It is no coincidence that the upgraded version of Android Auto has a lot of new possibilities which customers can use in their cars.



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