The price of digital currencies on October 24

Crypto exchange Bittr and regulations

On Thursday, major digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum had a tough day. For the last several days, both of them tried to regain their positions on the market.  

It is worth mentioning that from the beginning of the week, Bitcoin’s price declined by more than $1,000. On October 24, Bitcoin’s price was $7,408.  

The second-largest cryptocurrency, which is Ethereum was also struggling to deal with problems.  Ethereum’s price fell below $170. It means that the price decreased by 7%.

Ethereum’s price fell to $153. Hopefully, Ethereum was able to cope with this trend as price surpassed $155 level. However, it had to recover above $162 and $165 resistance levels. It needs to break above those resistance levels to start a journey to the top. On October 24, Ethereum’s price was $160.

Digital currencies and the jobs market

Jobs in the Blockchain industry

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular what about the jobs in this industry. The list prepared by LinkedIn makes it easier to learn about the industry. Based on this list, it becomes clear that crypto-related companies are among the top employers in the San Francisco bay area.   

There are several crypto-related companies among the “The 50 hottest U.S. companies to work for”. This list once more underlines the fact that such companies care about its employees.

One of them, which is the crypto-trading startup Robinhood made it to the list of top 10 companies. It is on the seventh place. Another company is the payment startup Ripple, which is in 28th place. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is in the 29th place.

It is a huge achievement for the blockchain industry, as it is important to raise awareness about digital currencies.

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U.S. startup Ripple is an excellent place to work, according to the research firm Good Place to Work. It means that not only LinkedIn but other organizations as well understand the importance of Ripple when it comes to employment.

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