ThinkMarkets Review

Broker NameThink Markets
Broker TypeForex
Operating SinceN/A
RegulationFCA Number: 629628 - Financial Conduct Authority
AddressClarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda
Broker StatusRegulated
CS Phone44 203 514 2374
Trading PlatformsMetatrader4
Trading Platform TimezoneN/A
Demo AccountNo
Mobile TradingYes
Web based tradingYes
Other Trading InstrumentPrecious Metals, Shares, Cryptocurrency
Minimum Deposit250
Maximal Leverage1 is to 400
Spread Variable0.1 pips
Scalping AllowedNo
ThinkMarkets Broker Reviews
Comments Rating 2.03 (45 reviews)
You can say ThinkMarkets is a great forex broker right off the bat. It’s one of those brokers that live up to the hype and expectations. This, along with many great features, places it among the top brokers in the industry.

For starters, London-based ThinkMarkets has been in the playing field since 2010. It offers speedy access on various instruments like equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, futures, and many others. More importantly, this broker brags about its very own trading platform.

MetaTrader4 is a main stay, but ThinkMarkets’ so-called “Trade Interceptor” adds more flavor to the trading experience.

ThinkMarkets Notable Feature/s: Trade Interceptor

ThinkMarkets plays and answers to the trader’s need for flexibility. You get this: they don’t settle for the industry-standard MetaTrader4—they give you the Trade Interceptor.

What has this platform got for traders?
It has more than 80 mobile-friendly technical indicators on (to add on top of the ones you get from MetaTrader4). With cloud-based alerts and triggers, you receive updates in real-time even when you’re offline.
Among other stuff, you also get:
• More than 80 intelligent drawing tools
• TrendRisk Scanner (this helps in spotting the highest risk/reward opportunities)
• Split- and quad-screen views

What do we think?

First off, this forex broker is practically a one-stop broker that makes you feel you can trade without worries. Of course, you got to work your part, too.
As mentioned, ThinkMarkets offers its own trading platform, with which you can tinker in case you’re not content with MetaTrader4. MT4 has a lot of uses, but why settle for one platform, right?

Aside from that, trading comes with a very low price for traders. ThinkMarkets charges minimal-to-zero fees on different accounts. It also supports a bunch of features that fit with any trader’s strategy. This allows any kind of trader comfortably trade with ThinkMarkets.

Trading with ThinkMarkets feels less stressful because, as seen on the website, they let their traders learn stuff. For instance, navigating on their user-friendly website, you would find educational articles sprinkled through each tab. That makes a beginner feel like he acquires a power-up or a heads up before he begins trading.
More than that, this website lets you focus on trading instead of on the broker. This means you can pay more attention to the things you need to do for your trades rather than worry about your fees and margin.

Overall, this broker achieves a level of reliability that you won’t find in many other brokers. It has already proven it has longevity, flexibility, and reliability. These things make ThinkMarkets clients feel at ease with the market.
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