TikTok brings a new tool: TikTok Stories

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Twitter may have discontinued its Fleets Stories feature, but the Stories format will continue to spread across other social sites. TikTok announced that it is testing a new tool called TikTok Stories. This new feature will allow it to explore new methods for its users to bring their creative ideas to life.

The firm emphasizes that the new product will supplement its existing storytelling tools. These include films, Duets, Stitch, and LIVE, rather than a replacement for them.

TikTok did not specify how long the pilot test would last or whether a public debut would follow it. However, they believe the test has only been operating for a few days, not weeks or months. For the time being, it is only available in a few non-US areas, intending to gather insight and feedback from TikTok users.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant frequently among the first to discover new capabilities in social apps, noticed the feature. In this case, he informs us that numerous tipsters provided him screenshots of TikTok Stories. Although it was first unclear whether it was a scam or not.


Of course, the timing was suspect. Twitter had recently shut down Fleets, a high-profile example of a social platform’s failure to make Stories work.

They see a product that appears to be, for the most part, recognizable to users of Stories on other platforms based on pictures and videos of TikTok Stories in operation. Users may make their first Story by tapping a camera button from the new navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Then use standard tools like those to add text or stickers, insert music, and even utilize effects on their footage. Users can record movies or submit photographs, just like on other platforms, with the latter allowing TikTok to take advantage of users’ larger camera rolls rather than TikTok’s camera roll.


Another tab

TikTok’s version of Stories differs because it allows users to remark on the creator’s work publicly. The app indicates that these remarks are public because mutual friends can see each other’s comments. There’s also a page where you can see how many people visited a specific Story and whether or not you’re following those persons. You will be able to track people by clicking on a button. TikTok’s Stories are equally transitory, disappearing after 24 hours, according to the app’s tutorial.

You can watch Stories from other creators by scrolling across the new sidebar and tapping on the creator’s avatar. That appears to be a vertical replica of Twitter’s Fleets bar, right down to the blue rings around artists’ profile images.

Stories launch provides TikTok users who do not post regularly (or at all) with a more straightforward method to begin participating with TikTok’s capabilities. It can also provide a casual opportunity for producers to communicate with fans in between their more polished and produced TikTok video posts.

TikTok believes in experimenting with any innovative tool that allows its users to express themselves. This can be done through video, communicating with others, or now, ephemeral, short-form content.

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