TopTradePro Review

General Information
Broker Name:TopTradePro
Broker Type:Forex
Country:Republic of the Marshall Islands
Operating Since (Year):2017
Address:Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Islands, MH 96960 Republic of the Marshall Islands
Broker status:Not regulated
Customer Service
Languages:Italian, German, Spanish
Trading platforms:MT4
Demo account:Yes
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:No
Minimum deposit ($):$250
Maximal leverage:-
Scalping allowed:-

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General Information
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TopTradePro Review

Who is TopTradePro?

TopTradePro is a broker found online that is owned by Motion LTD, who is a digital marketing agency established in the UK. However, the brokerage itself is in the Ajeltake Islands on the Marshall Islands. At first look, the site seems to look professional. However, when you look further you can see that it is quite outdated. Moreover, it is not user-friendly. Most brokers like to provide information straight to their customers. But you must really put in the time and effort to look through their site. Their menus are not fully informative, nor do they expand. They just offer minimal information right off the bat. So, is TopTradePro scamming people because of this? No, we don’t think that is anything alarming. It is just not easy to navigate and makes finding the facts harder. That could be intentional, but we don’t want to jump to any conclusions so quickly.

toptradepro review

Looking through their site, it is evident that they are not very careful. The site is packed with grammatic errors. That is slightly alarming. If they cannot create a comprehensive website, then are they really capable of handling your money? That is something you should truly take into consideration.

TopTradePro Regulations and Licenses

Looking at we see that they are slightly shady with their regulations and licenses. They are not as transparent as they should be. They do list a lot of information about their regulator, MIFID. However, they fail to provide specific information such as the license number. This is a questionable behavior and thus is considered a red flag.

Risk Disclaimer

Moreover, they continue to provide their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and a risk disclaimer. But their risk disclaimer is sort of questionable and is written in their favor. They take sole control for and warn clients that they can change their site without any prior notice. Thus, if you have an existing account that was created before any changes made by the broker, you are automatically forced to accept their modifications. While they do have this right, not providing prior notice can include any sorts of changes that are not favorable for their traders. That is very worrisome because sometimes people overlook small details, and this may make or break your experience with TopTradePro.

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This was rather upsetting because the broker does not consider their loyal customers and are abusing their trust. Our TopTradePro review wants to inform traders before they make any irreversible mistakes.

TopTradePro Review: Account Types

TopTradePro offers various types of accounts. They take different deposits ranges into account and even offer Islamic accounts. From afar, this seems really appealing. But from an experienced viewpoint, it is honestly alarming. Why? Well, it seems to good to be true. With our experience, we know that if something looks unrealistically good, then it is best to assume that it is fake. So, what is unrealistic?

TopTradePro Review: Account Types

Islamic and Joint Accounts

The welcome bonuses accompanied by the accounts are questionable. They say that they offer 20% of their initial $250 for the Basic Account. That may not seem like TopTradePro scammed you. But as you continue to look at the rest of the accounts, the Black Account indicates a 100% of your $100,000 deposit. The fact that they try to guarantee something so impractical is a huge warning sign. Do not trust this broker.

TopTradePro Assets and Trading Instruments

It seems that this broker tries to offer traders everything they could want. They list five different types of assets available for trading. They include stocks, forex, indices, and commodities. Why are there only four you ask? Well, because their fifth asset was supposed to be listed as a cryptocurrency. But due to their incompetence, they double listed forex. is a scam. This is additional proof that shows just how bad they are. They could not even list their assets correctly. That is how little they care to provide a reliable service.

Forex and Forex

Conclusion for TopTradePro

Although we were not crazy about the site off the bat, we had hoped it would get better. We were seriously mistaken. This broker took a turn for the absolute worst. Unfortunately, they do not provide any benefits for their traders. They are just focused on getting money and conning their clients. Their site is full of lies, mistakes, and is plain unprofessional. TopTradePro scams people for a living and that is why we are here. To provide real, honest reviews to help you make the right decision.

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