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Trafigura and Gunvor Boost Brent Oil Prices by 10%


Quick Look:

  • Trafigura and Gunvor’s aggressive buying of Brent grades led to a significant price surge of over 10%.
  • Higher Brent prices benefit producers with increased revenues but raise consumer costs.
  • US WTI Midland in the Brent benchmark adds flexibility and potential volatility.

The oil market witnessed a whirlwind of activity recently, with major trading firms Trafigura and Gunvor at the centre of the action. Their aggressive buying spree notably impacted the Brent benchmark, driving prices up and setting the stage for significant market shifts.

Trafigura And Gunvor’s Buying Spree

The drama began on June 20 when Gunvor and Trafigura started making their moves. Gunvor placed bids for North Sea Brent and Troll, while Trafigura went after Ekofisk, Forties, and Oseberg. This buying activity was just a precursor to what was to come. By June 21, Trafigura had snapped up four WTI cargoes, showcasing their aggressive stance in the market.

Not stopping there, the momentum continued into the following week. Trafigura added two more WTI cargoes and a Forties cargo to their collection. Meanwhile, Gunvor joined the fray on Monday by acquiring Forties and WTI cargoes. This concentrated buying activity, particularly in the Brent benchmark grades, was pivotal in driving higher prices.

The Impact On Prices

The impact of these purchases was felt almost immediately in the market. From June 7 to June 21, Brent, as assessed by LSEG, saw an over 10% increase. This was the steepest two-week gain since March-April 2023. Additionally, Brent crude futures in June rose by 6.7% to $87 a barrel, marking the biggest monthly gain since September 2023.

These price movements were not coincidental. The coordinated buying by Trafigura and Gunvor underpinned the Brent benchmark, creating significant upward pressure on prices.

Broader Market Implications

The actions of Trafigura and Gunvor extend beyond mere price increases. Their strategic buying in the physical Brent market has substantial global implications for producers and consumers. For producers, the rising prices mean higher revenues and potentially increased investment in production. However, it often translates to higher costs for consumers, impacting everything from transportation to manufacturing.

Including US WTI Midland in the Brent benchmark 2023 adds to the complexity. This brought the total number of benchmark grades to six, providing more flexibility and potentially more volatility in the market. The five benchmark grades (North Sea Brent, Troll, Ekofisk, Forties, and Oseberg) have all seen price rises since June 20, influenced by the buying actions of these trading giants.

The Role Of Benchmark Grades

Understanding the significance of benchmark grades is crucial in grasping the full picture. Brent, Troll, Ekofisk, Forties, and Oseberg are not just names; they represent different qualities and sources of crude oil that collectively form the Brent benchmark. The addition of WTI Midland has diversified this basket, making the Brent benchmark more representative of the global oil supply.

However, this diversification also means that actions in any of these grades can impact the benchmark. Therefore, Trafigura and Gunvor’s purchases across these grades had a magnified effect, pushing the overall Brent benchmark prices higher.

The recent activities of Trafigura and Gunvor have underscored the significant influence major trading firms can have on the oil market. Their concerted buying efforts drove up prices and highlighted the intricate dynamics of the Brent benchmark. As the market continues to evolve, these events serve as a reminder of the power and impact of strategic trading in the global oil landscape.


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