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Trulioo Announces Strategic Partnership with

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Recently, initiated a partnership with Trulioo. Since then, the platform has progressively extended its services to 17 countries across the Asian Pacific Region, Latin America, and EMEA( Europe, Middle East, and Africa).’s Enhanced Client Onboarding Strategy

At the beginning of 2023, the two companies partnered to promote’s client onboarding processes worldwide. Here’s how:

Trulioo’s Person Match Service for Enhanced Onboarding

The integration of the identity verification feature has significantly quickened’s client onboarding across essential markets. The improvement has increased new customers by up to 80% and 28% in Latin America and Asia, respectively.

According to’s Chief Product Officer, Dana Massey, they can provide more efficient and faster client verification while maintaining the highest compliance and security standards.

Trulioo’s Advanced Data Science for Verification

The approach integrates vast market knowledge with the constant advancement in processing speed, cost-effectiveness, and match rates across various data source formattings tailored to specific countries and demographics.

Trulioo’s specialized data science strategy is customized to fulfill’s verification requirements, fasten onboarding processes, provide excellent performance, and improve experience.

The Trulioos Person Match service accesses more than 450 local and global data sources. It uses natural language techniques for data field standardization to correct varying format impacts and fuzzy matching to address form and spelling discrepancies.

Trulioo CEO Steve Munford expressed their satisfaction in supporting’s worldwide expansion. He said their industry-leading data source network had helped to meet its clients’ onboarding expectations. He adds that they’re dedicated to constant innovations that take identity verification to a global level.


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