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Trump Media Surge Boosts Trump’s Net Worth by $900M

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Quick Look:

  • Trump’s net worth rose by $900 million due to a rise in Trump Media stock.
  • Shares increased by 27%, valuing Trump’s stake at $4 billion.

On Monday, Donald Trump experienced a notable increase in his net worth, rising by $900 million. This surge appeared primarily due to a significant uptick in the share price of Trump Media, which saw substantial intraday trading gains.

Trump Media Shares Up 27% to $35.23 by Friday

As of 1:45 p.m. on Friday, Trump Media shares were priced at $35.23, reflecting a 27% increase. This rise follows a previous peak in share price on April 18, when shares climbed by 26%. The recent surge has bolstered the value of Trump’s stake in Trump Media to $4 billion, up from $3.1 billion. Trump holds 114.75 million shares, representing a 65% stake in the company.

However, the past month has also seen volatility, with Trump’s stake value plummeting by $1.6 billion as share prices fell from $49 on June 3 to their current levels. The recent trading activity has significantly boosted Trump’s financial standing despite this.

Trump Media IPO Peaked Shares at $79.38, Adding $4.1B

The Trump Media’s initial public offering (IPO) was a significant milestone, propelling Trump’s net worth upwards by $4.1 billion when share prices peaked at $79.38. This IPO was a pivotal event, substantially increasing Trump’s wealth.

The market has been particularly volatile recently. A 43% decline this month and a single-day drop of 14% last week have marked the trading environment. Historically, Trump’s legal troubles, such as the conviction in the hush money trial, have triggered substantial market reactions, including a 20% drop in stock value. This Monday, the stock saw a notable surge of 20.4% at 12:15 p.m. ET. This increase was attributed to optimistic comments regarding a new funding source and positive developments in Trump’s court cases, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Anticipated $69.4M from Warrants, Potential $247M Total

Trump Media is anticipating a significant cash injection, with expected proceeds from warrants execution potentially reaching $69.4 million and total possible proceeds of up to $247 million. The warrants are scheduled for execution between June 20-21, following SEC approval on June 18. Financially, Trump Media reported Q1 sales of $770,500 and a net loss of $327.6 million, with cash and equivalents totalling $273.7 million. The company remains focused on expanding its platform reach and building its core business.

21.5% Decline in Stock Over Past Month Amid Legal Battles

Over the past month, Trump Media’s stock performance has declined by 21.5%. Additionally, ongoing legal developments present potential challenges. A federal judge is currently hearing arguments regarding Trump’s comments about the FBI’s search for classified documents. The court’s decision could impose restrictions on Trump’s speech, which he argues would violate his First Amendment rights and impact his campaign. Such restrictions could have significant implications for Trump Media’s stock, particularly as the Truth Social platform heavily relies on Trump’s presence and engagement.


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