Twitter Launched a New Feature Called “Fleets”

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Twitter is one of the most famous social networking services in the world and it retains this status for several years. Moreover, Twitter continues to incorporate new features to compete with its rivals. Several days ago, the famous social networking service launched Fleets, its competitor to the stories features available on Snapchat as well as Instagram. This is not the end of the story as Twitter also announced that it would soon start testing a new audio feature similar to that of popular startup Clubhouse.

It is worth noting that Fleets lets users post full-screen photos, videos, reactions, tweets, or plain text that disappears after 24 hours. Interestingly, the San Francisco-based network began testing Fleets in March in select markets like Brazil. However, it started to roll out this feature to iOS and Android Twitter users around the globe on Tuesday.

There is no need to worry about the novelty, as it is quite easy to use Fleets. People should keep in mind that the feature will show up at the top of users’ apps, above their feed. Moreover, thanks to this feature, the company expects that more users will post content.

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Twitter and its users

Social networking services are working hard to adapt to the ever-changing environment and Twitter is not an exception. Thanks to Fleets, users will be able to share photos, videos, etc., that will disappear in one day.

In the modern world, social media networks play an important role, and thanks to this feature, posting photos and videos will be less burdensome as the content will disappear in 24 hours.

Moreover, the company also announced Spaces. This feature will allow users to join virtual rooms where they can engage in real-time, audio conversations with others. Interestingly, Spaces will roll out to select test users before the end of 2020. Fleets, as well as Spaces, are important for the company, as such features have the potential to attract users.

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