Thu, December 08, 2022

U.S. Presidential campaign and cryptocurrencies


Discussions about the crypto regulations started a long time ago. However, private as well as governmental organizations are trying to find the solution which will satisfy both sides. There are other interested parties including crypto owners and enthusiasts. In this situation, it is not an easy task to strike a balance between crypto regulations and cryptocurrencies.

One person who is a U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful wants to achieve the balance. Andrew Yang outlined his position regarding the cryptocurrency market in his technology governance policy statement.

Andrew Yang believes that the lack of robust regulations triggered crypto-related frauds. Based on his policy statement it becomes clear that the U.S. should develop a national framework to regulate crypto assets.

Yang plans to create distinct jurisdictions for Federal as well as State agencies with regard to crypto regulations. Without a doubt, Andrew Yang is the most crypto-friendly candidate not only among Democratic candidates but among Republicans as well.

Also, he wants to encourage blockchain adoption in the U.S. Yang went even further and stated that the country should adopt blockchain voting.

His technology governance policy statement includes a four-point agenda for digital technology governance in the U.S. Yang’s position regarding the crypto regulations is that it is important to adopt a 21st-century approach.Digital currency news

Yang is not alone when it comes to criticizing the crypto regulations. Analysts believe that due to the lack of clear legislation when it comes to securities regulation, the U.S. may find it hard to compete with other countries.

Bitcoin Cash Investment Fund and Cryptocurrencies, which is a Bitcoin-related firm backed by Roger Ver, plans to launch its $200 million Bitcoin Cash investment fund.

Ver made this announcement at a Bitcoin Cash meeting in London on November 19. Based on the official statement, the fund will invest in payment gateways, processors remittances. Also, the Bitcoin Cash investment fund will provide funds for the wallet and merchant acquirers.


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