Thu, December 08, 2022

Ukrainian Prosecutors and Illegal Crypto Mining

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This week, the prosecutor’s office in Kyiv charged an employee who worked in the data systems division of the court administration department. This person was charged with illegally mining cryptocurrency at his workplace. Illegal crypto mining is a widespread problem in Ukraine.

According to Ukraine’s criminal code, if found guilty, he may have to spend up to six years in prison. Last year, Ukraine’s railway administration caught employees mining crypto. The employees of Ukrzaliznytsia were using the company’s power capacity for illegal crypto mining.

Based on the information, the unnamed individual took advantage of the equipment and internet bandwidth allocated for the court documents database and Judiciary web portal. This employee used this equipment to mine cryptocurrency from January to May 2018.

Crypto Payments Provider and Travala.comTravel booking platform and new project

Several days ago, Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency payments provider announced a partnership with cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking platform

As part of the deal,’s payment app integrated onto the website. As a reminder, previously, customers had to manually complete transfers using their wallets when seeking to make a transaction using cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to this agreement, 1 million users of cryptocurrency payments provider, can now access 2 million accommodations in 230 countries.

It is worth mentioning that customers can use Pay to make payments in Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and’s token. Thus, now accepts payments via credit card, Pay, PayPal, or 25 different crypto assets.

Furthermore, a provider from Hong Kong is working in this direction. This cryptocurrency payments provider is actively pursuing additional partnerships to expand its network.

Payments provider is developing, and in the last two weeks, it launched support for two new stablecoins.

Also, on February 27, TrustToken formed a partnership launching TUSD payments via’s Visa card.

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency provider has the opportunity to make life easier for its clients. Such deals will help to make cryptocurrencies more popular among travelers.


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