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USD/CHF Rises 0.83% After SNB Rate Cut to 1.25%

Dollar and Swiss franc - USD/CHF

Quick Look

  • USD/CHF Surge: The currency pair rose from 0.8833 to 0.8911 after the SNB rate cut.
  • SNB Rate Cut: The Swiss National Bank reduced rates from 1.50% to 1.25%, weakening the Swiss Franc.
  • US Economic Data: Higher jobless claims and poor housing data may lead to US rate cuts in 2024.
  • Technical Analysis: USD/CHF consolidates above 0.8825; resistance at 0.8992, support at 0.8672.

The USD/CHF currency pair experienced significant movement recently, marking a noteworthy shift in the foreign exchange market. The pair surged sharply, climbing from a previous level of 0.8833 to a new high of 0.8911, representing an increase of 0.83%. This rise was observed within the first two hours following the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) decision to cut interest rates.

The SNB made a notable policy adjustment by reducing interest rates from 1.50% to 1.25%. This move, aimed at stimulating the Swiss economy, resulted in the weakening of the Swiss Franc. Market analysts speculate that the SNB may implement another rate cut in September, further influencing the currency’s performance.

US Jobless Claims Increase, Impacting Market Volatility

In parallel, the United States released economic data that added to market volatility. The latest report on jobless claims revealed higher-than-expected unemployment benefit filings. This data has fueled speculation that the Federal Reserve may consider rate cuts in 2024 to support the economy. Additionally, deteriorating housing data in the US has reinforced this sentiment, contributing to ongoing discussions about future monetary policy adjustments.

USD/CHF Technical Outlook: Key Resistance at 0.8992

From a technical perspective, the USD/CHF pair is currently consolidating above the 0.8825 level. The key resistance level to watch is 0.8992, with the next target for a potential downside move set at 0.8672. The daily outlook remains neutral, reflecting a cautious market stance as traders await further economic indicators and central bank decisions.

Looking at the medium-term outlook, the USD/CHF pair is trading within a broader corrective pattern, descending from its 2022 high of 1.0146. The medium-term bottom is projected at 0.8332, with resistance identified at 0.9243. Despite the recent movements, bearish sentiment is maintained, suggesting that range trading between 0.8332 and 0.9243 will likely continue, with a mild favor towards a downside breakout later.

SNB’s Proactive Stance to Influence USD/CHF Trend

The SNB’s recent actions and statements from key figures, including Chairman Thomas Jordan, indicate a readiness to intervene in the foreign exchange market to manage the Swiss Franc’s strength. This proactive stance by the SNB highlights the central bank’s commitment to ensuring economic stability amidst global uncertainties.

The USD/CHF pair’s recent surge reflects domestic policy changes in Switzerland. Besides, it represents evolving economic conditions in the United States. As market participants digest these developments, the focus will remain on central bank policies and upcoming economic data releases to gauge the future trajectory of the USD/CHF pair.


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