USD GBP Rallies Weeks Before Brexit

Wibest – USD GBP: A stack of British pound sterling coins.

The USD GBP exchange rate gained altitude in today’s trading as the pound sterling, and its futures weaken in sessions. The greenback took advantage of the pound’s vulnerability in Tuesday’s trading, pushing the GBP on edge.

The United Kingdom published a revised temporary sanctions regime today as a plan in case of a no-deal Brexit break. Reports say that the new arrangement will affect 88% of the total imports by value and would be eligible for sanction-free access.

The USD GBP trading pair rallied by 0.50% or 0.0040 points in Tuesday’s sessions. The USD GBP now exchanges for £0.8175 edging higher against its previous close of £0.8134.

The USD GBP is hitting levels between £0.8128 and £0.8177 in today’s trading.

Meanwhile, the British pound contract dropped by 0.55% or 0.0068 points in sessions.

The UK first published the temporary levy regime last March before the original Brexit date. And the newly revised proposal is said to last for at least 12 months after the Brexit.

According to reports, it will lower tariffs on trucks and apply sanctions on other products and such as clothing. Britain’s new proposal aims to prevent prices from rising while also protecting local businesses.

Losing End

Wibest – USD GBP: British pound sterling coins.

The pound sterling continues to sit at the losing end of the spectrum against other currencies as traders get more anxious. As British officials prepare for more discussions with leaders from the European Union.

The USD GBP trading pair continues to see positive colors in trading. But last week, the pound attempted to recover but failed due to news about the British prime minister.

BP Johnson vowed to deliver a deal before October 31, but it looks like time is running out for the new prime minister.

Last week, Boris Johnson put forth a new Brexit plan. However, other officials didn’t seem too excited about Johnson’s latest Brexit proposal as they highlight several concerns.

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