Fri, August 19, 2022

Vantage Launches Copy Trading App to its UK Traders

Broker News

Vantage, a Sydney-based multi-asset broker, has introduced V Social, its social trading product, to traders in the UK.

Vantage deemed V Social a ‘professional social network’ that allows traders to auto-copy signals, execute transactions, chat and analyze results.

In a press release on Friday, Vantage announced the launch of V Social.

The UK CEO of Vantage, David Shayer, said that the broker aims to make trading accessible to thousands of young, energetic traders who have just entered the post-pandemic market.

Speaking at a recent trade show, CEO Shayer said his company had seen huge opportunity in this group as it grew fastest among UK brokers after rebranding last year. The firm’s new app enables traders to chat and trade on the same platform- the Pelican Trading partnership was key for them here! 

They believe that accessibility should be available not just by experienced people like themselves but also those wanting into markets who may never have had access before now.”

Leading financial services company Vantages’ new social trading platform will allow beginner traders to subscribe to and copy the signals of expert traders, who, in return, benefit from increased status and a portion of profits. 

The Australian broker says they hope this innovative approach can help attract more market newcomers by making it easier for them to get started with options trades.

Recent Moves

Meanwhile, Vantage recently engaged popular YouTuber Supercar Blondie to launch its environment and social (ESG) program.

The collaboration aims to encourage innovation in electric vehicle manufacturing, promote gender equality, and raise awareness of global warming.

Vantage has recently added 14 US share contracts for difference (CFDs) to its portfolio. The company’s newest addition includes many well-known companies such as Disney, Cisco Systems Inc., ExxonMobil Corporation, and Intel.


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