Volumes Fall on Broker Gaitame As COVID-19 Volatility Drops

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Gaitame has uploaded its trading volume for the month of May. This was after reporting its best transaction volume in the retail broker’s history in March. It showed that volumes are returning back to the levels prior to coronavirus.

In March 2020, during peak volatility amid COVID-19, Gaitame posted a transaction volume of ¥553.4 billion. That was equivalent to $5.1 billion for the month. When measuring this against the previous month, transaction volume had increased more than twice, up 149.4 percent.

Moreover, in May, Gaitame has reported a transaction volume of ¥212.8 billion. The previous month had a transaction volume of ¥248.1 billion. Transaction volume fell by 14.2 percent when measured against the previous month.

Measuring May’s transaction volume against that which was achieved in March, last month’s volume has dropped by 61.5 percent. However, it is worth pointing out that March’s transaction volume was a record for the broker. Driven by COVID-19 volatility, it was much higher than normal.

Therefore, it is best to compare it on a yearly scale to get an idea of May’s true performance. May of 2019 had a transaction volume of ¥185.7 billion. Against last month’s figure, it has actually grown by 14.6 percent.

Deposit Amount Resilient on Broker Gaitame 

Taking a look at the deposit amount, in May, a total of ¥112.8 million was deposited on this broker. The number of deposits have actually risen, on a monthly comparison, by 0.1 percent, unlike transaction volume.

Compared to March’s figure of ¥112.7 million, May’s deposit amount is higher by around 0.1 percent. Year-on-year, the deposits in May have managed to grow by 0.6 percent.

By the end of May, the number of accounts reached was 512,577, having increased by 1,300 accounts. That is an increase of 0.3 percent from the 511,277 held by Gaitame at the end of April.

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