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Wakanda Inu: The African Token Launched to Drive DeFi Growth

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In recent times, meme tokens have been seen to gain more popularity in the crypto ecosystem, especially since the rise of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. This has led to so many controversies in the crypto niche. Despite the perceived dislike towards meme coins, the African community created its meme coin called “Wakanda Inu.”

On the 8th of November, it had a public sale on Pinksale. It raised over 1000BNB in less than 24hours as the maximum amount one could purchase was 1BNB, and the minimum was 0.1BNB.

This news broke the internet. Thus, it made users ask the big question, “What is Wakanda Inu?”

What is Wakanda Inu?

Wakanda Inu, also called the African dog, is a decentralized meme token that is charity-oriented and aims to promote social good globally. So, the idea of Wakanda Inu emerged from the deep consciousness of humanity and represented the daily struggles and aspirations of the best aspects of living as a community.

Like every other token or coin, the success of Wakanda Inu lies in the community, and that is the exact reason it strives to build a strong community. But unlike other meme tokens, Wakanda Inu aspires to drive growth in the decentralized finance industry. This is considered good as financial services will become available to everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc.

It is known as the first African-community-owned meme token and is not owned by anyone. Instead, the community owns and drives the token.

How is Wakanda Inu different from other meme tokens

The rise and even downfall of other meme tokens leave a gap of distrust in the heart of many about Wakanda Inu. Wakanda Inu strives to be different from every other meme token, and here’s how it achieves that:

1. Liquidity

Unlike most meme tokens, the Wakanda Inu developers promised to offer more security for the project by providing 80% of funds raised during the public sale to liquidity and 20% towards running other processes to ensure that the project’s mission is achieved. This wasn’t just a promise, as it fulfilled that right after the public sale.

2. Charity

The project aims to drive charity-oriented activities across the globe as 4% of the allocable token will fund the charity project.

3. 100% Community-driven

Wakanda Inu offers lots of transparency to the crypto world. There was no private sale or special allocation of tokens to team members during the public sale to get started. All team members must go through the whitelisting and purchase process just like every other person. Moreover, this alone is one unique thing that sets Wakanda Inu apart from other meme tokens.

4. Decentralized Autonomous Community

As a community-driven project, the community will always be put first. Also, every decision-making process will be carried out through community voting. This promotes unity and social upliftment towards achieving more use cases for the project and the crypto community at large.

Wakanda Inu tokenomics

Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Treasury: 750, 000,000,000,000 (monthly burn for 5years)

Total supply: 250,000,000,000,000

Token Allocation (of Total Supply):

  • Marketing – 20%
  • Development – 10%
  • Public sale – 36%
  • Liquidity – 30%
  • Charity – 4%

Public sale:

  • IDO price: $0.00000001
  • Minimum: 0.1BNB
  • Maximum: 1BNB

Token vesting:

  • Public sale-TGE: 100%
  • Marketing/Development/charity: 5% per quarter for a period of 5years

Wakanda Inu roadmap

Wakanda Inu has a roadmap of specific things it wants to achieve, as with most tokens. Some of which have been completed while others are being worked on.

  • Building the ecosystem
  • Core team developer and other units
  • Website launch
  • Public sale
  • Pancake swap listing
  • Liquidity provider and locking
  • Burning of 12.5T from the treasury
  • Coingecko and coinmarket cap listing
  • Auditing
  • Marketing, referral campaign, advertising, and promotion, KOL, Wakanda Machinery, Wakanda legend, Wakanda Panther.
  • Centralized exchange discussion and listing
  • Community vote on building among (NFT, FARMING, STAKING, DEX, etc.)

What’s the buzz about Wakanda Inu?

The African dog, which launched on the 7th of November 2021, has made good history and proven the importance of having a good community. Wakanda Inu, termed to be “Africa’s number 1 meme coin,” has made lots of African cryptocurrency investors smile about its massive growth. It currently has a market capitalization of $237,527,900.92 as of writing and has appreciated over 503.31% since its launch, which is such tremendous growth for a new token.

It launched on the Binance Smart Chain and has an evaluation of $0.000000241025 when writing this article and now has over 71,000 holders.

As part of the fulfilment of its road map, it was listed on pancake swap on the 7th of November. Moreover, it got listed on coingecko and coinmarket cap on the 10th of November 2021. In fact, this act alone shows how serious the project is about fulfilling its promises to the community.

Although the meme token has received a lot of criticism due to specific concerns, it seems to thrive well against all odds. Aside from purchasing this token from pancake swap, some African exchanges list this token to aid easy purchase. Such exchanges include Tradefada, Quidax, Obiex Finance, Hagglex, Boundless pay, and you can also purchase this token by using TATSwap.


Wakanda Inu has proven how vast the African crypto community is, and a lot of investors are optimistic about the opportunities this project will bring into the Africa crypto community.


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