Tue, January 31, 2023

What Is Holding Crypto Investors Back?


Analysts explain that fear of the unknown prevents traditional investors from investing in cryptocurrency. Jamie Coutts, a crypto analyst, thinks it’s a lost opportunity because conventional asset managers have chosen not to get knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies.

According to Jamie Coutts, a crypto market analyst, traditional portfolio managers have hesitated to engage in cryptocurrencies due to falsehoods and fear of the unknown.

At the Australian Crypto Convention, Coutts claims there has been a persistent falsehood that blockchains have no fundamental value. According to Coutts, these asset managers own equities, like those of Amazon and Facebook. These firms had no earnings for the first several years; Facebook didn’t have a profit or any intrinsic worth in its early years.

Take a Leap Into the Unknown

Coutts explained that there is unquestionably underlying value there. However, they could comprehend that there is a network value here, that the network is expanding, and that the asset’s worth increases with the number of customers utilizing the goods. However, not all blockchains are cash-productive assets, including Ethereum. Coutts ruled out a lack of regulation as the cause, claiming he couldn’t precisely pinpoint why people were reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency became regulated the moment it became a taxable thing that you had to disclose to the tax authorities in whatever country you’re in. He explained that at this point, there isn’t r regulatory danger. Coutts suggested that it may be simply the fear of the unknown and that asset managers are missing out if they ignore or decide not to educate themselves on cryptocurrencies.

Coutts recommended that consumers afraid to invest in cryptocurrencies look past the market turbulence and concentrate on what cryptocurrencies genuinely provide. He explained that understanding the global dynamics that are occurring—debasement and technical advancement, of which crypto sits at the intersection—is the greatest thing we can do. This gives cryptocurrency some wind in its sails as an asset class that deserves some allocation.



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