What major changes will Windows 11 contain?

windows 10

In Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing modern elements to the PC experience. The new design aims to help users get what they want faster. However, these changes are beyond the surface.

Microsoft changes the rules of its application store to bring more variety. It introduces Android applications to the PC and adds enhancements that are expected to promote the development of games.

New touch screen controls and better ways to configure windows on the screen may make it easier to sit in front of a computer for long periods.

Windows is at Microsoft’s core because companies use it for employee devices and consumers use it for entertainment.

The current version of Windows 10 is the world’s top PC operating system. The company does not want to lose its leadership position because it faces competition from Apple and Google.

On Monday, less than a week after the release, Winoft introduced the first preview version of the software for people participating in the Windows Insider Program. Winoft gave people the opportunity to try new features.

If you want to test it yourself, go to the “Settings” app in Windows 10 and opt-in under the “Windows Insider Program” section. However, remember that the software is still new and has not been extensively tested.

If you want to keep Windows errors to a minimum, you probably shouldn’t upgrade yet.

Microsoft plans to roll out more extensive upgrades later this year and next year.

Here are the seven critical revisions in Windows 11 currently available:

  • The start button is probably the most significant change because the start button moved from the left corner of the taskbar to the center, the icons used to open applications, and the icons pinned to the toolbar.
  • Start MenuGone are the things you pinned to the Start menu in Windows 10. What you see is a group of applications under the heading “Fixed.”
  • Keyboard-Windows 11 includes a more comprehensive on-screen keyboard, including access to emoji, GIF, clipboard, word suggestions, handwriting recognition, and the opportunity to design custom themes.
  • Settings-Microsoft has reorganized the Settings application, adding features such as widgets that display paired devices, a conspicuous link to rename the PC, and a way to view the subfolders you view.
  • Dynamic refresh rate-If you are using a laptop, a new option in Windows 11 can help extend battery life.
  • Consistent touch gestures– Microsoft takes the touch gestures that people can use on the trackpad in Windows 10 and brings them to the display.
  • Window covers-Windows 11 can easily organize two or more application windows that you want to use simultaneously. This is based on the ability to capture windows on the left or right side of the screen in Windows 10 and the customization of Android displayed in Microsoft’s dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo.
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