Tue, September 26, 2023

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy and Telegram

Telegram and a U.S. court

It is hard to imagine a modern world without various messaging services. Interestingly, Telegram continues to expand its services. For example, people who would like to leave WhatsApp, have the ability to import their chat history to Telegram. As a result, they won’t lose past conversations after switching from WhatsApp to Telegram.

It is worth noting that, on iOS the feature with version 7.4 on January 27. People should take into account that the update doesn’t appear to be live yet on Android. This is not the end of the story, it is also possible to import chat histories from Line and KakaoTalk. Importantly, people can import chats from WhatsApp into the latest version of Telegram and continue the conversation, so long as each WhatsApp user has a Telegram account.

Telegram and new users

It is worth noting that, the addition of the feature comes at a time messaging service launched by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, is reporting huge increases in user numbers. Interestingly, the number of active users surpassed 500 million, as people all over the world are using this messaging service.

One of the main reasons why people decided to leave WhatsApp is its new privacy policy. This policy prompted privacy concerns about the Facebook-owned messaging app. It is worth mentioning that, WhatsApp later delayed the introduction of the new policy. The messaging service that the new policy won’t affect the security of customer chats or profile data.

Let’s learn more about the process. Interestingly, the import process works on a chat-by-chat basis. However, it appears to work for both individual as well as group conversations, at least with WhatsApp. Interestingly, to import a chat from Facebook’s messaging service, users must open the relevant conversation, and tap the group or contact name from the top of the chat to open its info screen. From there, the “Export Chat” option opens the iOS Share Sheet, where a user will see the option to select Telegram. Next is to pick that messaging service to import the messages into.

As stated above, the messaging service is willing to improve its services. For example, users have the ability to adjust volumes for individual voice chat participants. Moreover, it is possible to report “fake groups or channels” that are trying to impersonate famous people or organizations. Hopefully, people have the opportunity to choose from various messaging services.


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